Diamond Bell is a young entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois who has created a brash blog, “Diamond’s Dosage”, and has co-founded the organization EUNOIA. Diamond Bell is known for her outspoken vernacular, humor, transparency, and overall ability to be personable.Diamond’s Dosage is a blog created to give those an insight on topics discussed with family or friends with no intention to sugar coat.

The blog is engaging, humorous, and most importantly beneficial to real life circumstances, such as careers, relationships, sex, social issues, and entertainment.Diamond offers advice in the most unconventional way, she gives the audience tips and steps in the same manner that you find a diamond in the dirt, RAW, and UNCUT. Diamond’sDosage advocates for those who think “it” but won’t fix their mouth to say “it”.

Call her the Bad Girl of Blogging and she won’t mind.