Being a Bad B*tch: for DUMMIES

The rules, the guidelines, and the commandments to being a 


Ladies welcome,

Men nice to have you,


If you’re a man reading this blog, it will help you find the perfect woman.

If you’re a woman reading this blog you’ll learn how to be the perfect woman.

So basically I need everybody to take notes in this bitch.


A Bad Bitch is a rarity.

A Jewel.

A Gem.


Not every woman is a bad bitch, lets get this straight.

It’s levels to this shit.

And some of you bitches are lil mamas.

Baby Bitches.


Not bad ones.

A baddie is NOT just a woman of “beautiful” societal set features.

A Bad Bitch is a woman who is  sexually, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially confident.

Confident is the key term. Without confidence you have nothing.

Self-Confidence in each of the previously mentioned categories is what makes you a Bad Bitch.

Say EVERYTHING with your chest.

Own yourself. Accept yourself. Walk in self-confidence daily and live without insecurities.

Too many times women let their insecurities get the best of them.

You can point a bitch out with insecurities real quick like pointing out your man in a crowded party.

We can see it.

They don’t want to tell y’all, but confidence is honestly and truly the key to life.

You have to be confident in your looks, your personality, and your talent or you will FAIL at life.

It’s a harsh reality but the truth.

This blog will give you the rules and regulations to Being a Bad Bitch.

But who the hell am I to be giving out bad bitch bible lessons?

A Bad Bitch.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way:

It looks like School is in session.

And for the first assignment we’ll knock out the people who don’t agree with the term bad bitch.

“But my Momma said a woman shouldn’t call herself a bitch”


Bitch shutup.

If you’re one of those people who say women shouldn’t call themselves “bad bitches” why did you even click the link?

You’re intrigued and it’s ok.

The phrase or term “Bad Bitch” shouldn’t carry the negative connotation that it does.

Shidd, I look at it how black people look at the word nigga.

But that’s just me.

Women took something negative and made it theirs.

It’s endearment if anything.

A Bad B*tch is a woman who is self respected, self-righteous, knows her self-worth, strong willed, and most importantly confident.

A woman who knows who she is, a woman you can not play with.

She’s dangerous.

An advocator, a friend, a fighter, a diva.

A hustler, motivator, and an achiever.

A leader, a lover.

A woman.


A Bad Bitch is a woman who is sexually, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially confident.

The Breakdown.


Okay, So the first thing we NOT gone do is lie and say looks don’t matter.


That’s just what we not gone do.

Secondly this is not about fucking.

Ya’ll was just too READY.


It’s about SEX APPEAL.

Every woman must carry sex appeal, especially if you’re lacking in the face.

Be sexy beloved.

Sex appeal is what every bad bitch carries on the outside and feels on the inside. It’s every woman’s weapon , her desirability.

Sex appeal is always about mystery. What’s to her? What’s in her fucking box?

Your sex appeal is VITAL.

It leaves men wondering, and these bitches wondering too.


It’s like you can look but you can’t touch and that’s always a fun game.

Sex appeal ladies and gentlemen is having people drawn to you, enticed by you, and longing to be near you.

To be confident in this area is to “use what ya mama gave you”.

It’s all in the eyes, smile with your eyes.

To be desired is to be wanted, and this can be used to your advantage.

Use your sex appeal to get what you want. Get those discounts, get those deals, get that free food, get that dick.

Get that shit.

Turn on your sex appeal and it’s already yours.

Bring men to their knees for no reason at all.

It’s your desirability.

Sex appeal can be boosted or enhanced by learning your face/angles, learning your fashion style, hitting the gym, changing your hair, and smelling good.

No more Love Spell.

And drink water hoe.

Mentally & Emotionally

Be a woman of depth, intellect, and insight. If you want to know something research it.

Carry yourself with wit, humor, and the big one…


Um, Are we still taking notes here?

Because I can go.

Keep your eyes open.

We aren’t finished yet.


Be mentally stimulating.

Be a thinker, Be the conversation starter, don’t wait on conversations to start.

A Bad Bitch is one that can stimulate the minds of others, have in depth conversations, and oppose debate.

& leave a longing impression.

Basically don’t be no BIRD BRAIN ASS BITCH.

Bird Brains are the worst type of bitches.

The type that scream “where the niggas at, or can only converse about Love and Hip Hop, and gossip about their friends.

Bird brains.

The bitches that are gullible, live in a bubble,and don’t know what’s going on in the world let alone around them.

Bird brains at best.


Be mentally strong. Be mentally confident.

Your mentality is vital when being a Bad Bitch, it’s your power.

I’m telling you to use your head in more ways than one. 


Being emotionally confident is about two Things and two Things only.

One: Never take anything personal.

Two: Never react off emotion.

This means never let another bitch see you sweat.

Shit shouldn’t move you.

Bad bitches pick and choose their battles wisely. Don’t waste your emotion on a fuck nigga or a filthy Bitch.

Be emotionally sound.

Last but not least


Bad bitches have bad days and that’s ok.



I’m not saying have tons of money because shit I don’t.

But work towards having your OWN shit.

A bad bitch can not be a bum bitch, the two can not coexist.

Get up, get out and get something.

What are you waiting for?

Finding your passion and purpose is a must in a baddie’s life.

What do you do well besides gargle cum?

And take dick?

No shade to my sex workers, but don’t sell yourself short like the Clermont twins who fuck for $400.

At least buss it open for A full month of rent girl damn.

Bad bitches are achievers and hustlers, they are doers…they don’t get did.

These women are bosses, they set the rules, standards, and wages.

Be confident in your ability to make financially stable choices.

What is your credit score hitting for? Are all of your bills paid? Do you still owe your friend that $50?

Bad bitches address their finances. Work hard and reap the benefits.

These type of women MAKE opportunities for themselves, they don’t wait on them to fall from the sky.

Baby bitches do.

It’s time to get in your fucking bag.

Being a Bad Bitch starts with yourself, no one else especially not a man.

A man should make you feel like a BADDER bitch, but being confident is an inside job.

Let’s look surpass the superficial looks of women and digger deeper.

What makes you feel like bad bitch?

Whatever you do, do it with confidence.

It’s all about finding yourself and being comfortable with what you found.

Learn how to boost your confidence and watch your life turn up.

I’ll leave you baddies with two rules:

  • Rule number one never let a clown nigga try to play you.
  • And if he play you then rule number two, fuck his best friends and make them yes men.

Toodles, take care of yourself.

Don’t just be a bitch. Be a bad one.

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    2 thoughts on “Being a Bad B*tch: for DUMMIES

      1. I can’t. 😂 I kept laughing through the whole articles because of the memes, but this article has convicted me, like “Bih, you need to do better”. I have to walk into being a bad b*tch. It is in all of us women. Now, let me go tackle my finances, like a bad b*tch should. Good read. 😊


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