“The 3 Double Standards of the Fuck&Duck”

Welp this is it…

The last component of the Double Standard in Doses.

And of course it’s about fucking.

It’s my favorite topic, it’s one of my favorite past times.

But unfortunately this blog is not about getting bent over the sink in your clear heels after a wild night of clubbing.

It’s not about how to fuck or how to suck, but I might throw a couple of tips in there.

It’s about the double standard, hence the title.

We all know how the double standard does women when it comes down to sex, but if you don’t know you came to the right blog to figure it out.

Sex is sex.

Sex is used as stimulation.

Sex is used for reproduction.

Fucking is vital.

Your body needs dick, your body needs pussy.

Shit sometimes ya body needs both.

Sorry, that was for my wild bitches.

or my down low men.

Sorry, I keep getting distracted, back to fucking.

God is one of them niggas.


He created sex.


You see, sex is a natural occurrence.

It’s like walking, talking, breathing, eating or sending me $50 on cash app.



God created sex just for us. For you and I. And by you and I mean women and men.

He didn’t just create sex for men.

Now, that would just be silly.

My God ain’t silly.

Bitches gotta cum too.

Sex is still a male dominated topic and occurrence.

As much as women want the power over their sex, sex appeal, and sexuality we still don’t have it.

Women get bashed for enjoying sex, having multiple sex partners, or even for being sexy.


Bitches can’t catch a break around here, but men….

Men are allowed to fuck whomever they please and skedaddle.

It’s the double standard.

The good Ole:


The fuck and Duck is just what it sounds like.

It’s the hit and quit.

It’s the “so what you about to do?”

Fucking and ducking is having sex with someone maybe once, maybe twice, and without warning kicking them to the curb.

Or it can simply be using someone for sex.

Nothing wrong with the fuck and duck, to be quite honest.

You just got GOT.

But it is a problem when women try to “fuck and Duck” and it doesn’t work out in her favor.

She just came to get some dick and leave that’s it.

But now she’s a hoe with no morals nor values.

Why can’t women fuck and Duck like men without being subjected to cruelty and slander?

Men aren’t crucified for their whore-ish behaviors, but my girls are.

Men, trust me…women wonder about how you get to slang dick without consequences.

I’m personally tired.

Let these women hoe in peace.

Let women enjoy sex.

If women are hoes, men are hoes too.

Because if you don’t give a damn, we don’t give a fuck!

We all hoes in this bitch.

But somehow we got to this injustice.

How are men allowed to have leverage when it comes to sex? How do they get to write the rules and have control of who’s allowed to do what?

This is what it trickles down to:

The 3 Double Standards of the Fuck&Duck

1. Women aren’t allowed to enjoy sex.

Well we enjoy it anyway, we enjoy it anyway because that’s how we are.

Y’all make bitches feel guilty after she buss a nut or two.

If women fucked two niggas in a one week and didn’t see if they made it home safely, what type a bitch would she be?

A whore, BINGO.

Men are heralded for fucking sisters, friends, and momas, but women are stigmatized if they choose to do the EXACT same thing.

Let’s take that in.

They put women in a box and make them conform to the sexual standards of society.

This is how strippers get labeled as hoes for dancing.

Dancing not fucking.

Women can’t fuck and Duck, because they’ll be some duck ass hoes. It’s just as simple as that.

Fuck y’all,

Ladies go hoe as you please, wear condoms, and wax your pussy.

2. Men look at sex as something to do TO a woman not something to do WITH a woman.

Women I’m here tapping on your shoulder waking you up.

Get y’all lil ass up.

They look at it like it’s another task on their errand list.

For instance, it’s like mowing the lawn.

It’s a task that has to get completed.

You think men see mowing the lawn as something the lawn and them are doing TOGETHER?

You always hear “yea I fucked her” not “yea we had sex“.

Sex is not an emotional connection for men.

I mean yes, sex means something to them, but they don’t take it AS serious as women.

I know you bitches think your pussy made in him fall in love.

I know you do.

But In all honesty men are so detached from their feelings and emotions that sex won’t evoke those feelings.

He’s balls deep inside of you and still don’t feel you sis.

It’s a sad reality.

Sex is mechanical for men not emotional. This why they can fuck and Duck with no problem.

And men know this, they use sex to play on your emotions.

Men am I right?


Guess I’m loud.

Women see sex as a bonding experience, men see it as a release.

It’s more common for a woman to be dickmatized than it is for a man to be pussy whipped.

3. Last but not least,

As promised…

Ladies drink lots of water before you suck his dick, your mouth has to be extremely moisturized and ready.

If your jaws get tired, take his penis and rub the tip around your gums in clockwise motion.

Men PLEASE learn how to eat pussy, I swear y’all don’t know how.

I’m a woman of my word.

Double Standards won’t go away after this mini series, they won’t disappear from society.


But, I need men to help me understand why women can’t do what they do?

Help me understand this.

I guess I’m a Ghetto Feminist, sue me.


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