‘5 Reasons Why Women are Condemned for Cheating & Men Just Aren’t’

Welcome back, welcome back, welcomeee back.

Welcome back to Diamond’s Dosage.

If you’re new to this blog then you’re in for a ride, but if you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you already know what the fuck is going on.

You’re in hell and I’m the Devil’s Advocate.

And no I’m not literally advocating for the devil you silly mfs.

But I AM…

a woman who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments.



And that’s what a devil’s advocate does.

We undermine, we get the people going, and we assess the results.

WE make people face their truth…in the most unconventional way.

We’re controversial.



But enough about little ole me,

You’re here for one reason…..or 5.

WE all have cheated, been cheated on, or shit CHEATING right the fuck now.

I won’t tell.


Because at the end of the day this blog is NOT here to justify or dismantle your cheating toxic behaviors.

 Go to The Shaderoom for that.

 It’s here to depict the underlying reasons as to why men are ALLOWED to cheat, and women… well women…

 Just Aren’t.

When a woman cheats she is cut off and left for dead.

A woman is crucified, ostracized and begins to unofficially wear THE SCARLETT LETTER.


She popped her pussy for ONE extra nigga and her boyfriend all of a sudden wants to cut her loose?


Niggas not shit.

The bitch is condemned. She becomes useless once she cheats and her partner finds out.

But do men become useless? 

I think we all know the answer to that. It’s like men get passes for cheating because they are men.

new york excused.gif

Women just DEAL with it, because society has said it’s okay.

WOMEN are taught to be blind to the bullshit and let the nigga come back time after time.


It’s like a nigga fucking up a sack and getting it RIGHT BACK.

Women are the sacks men fuck up, emotionally abuse, and leave for dead.

But a man KNOWS that he can get his bitch back,


Because Society has conditioned this.

Niggas come right back just like ya pubic hair.

The nerve, the audacity. 

How many men have taken their woman back after they found out she was throwing it back for another man?



How many women have taken their man back after they found out he was giving out community dick like  free condoms on a college campus?

All of our dumb ass.




It’s the double standard.

You see we use double standards to our advantage.

As much as women LOVE to scream things like:

I hate double standards


Why do men get to fuck 50-11 women and he’s a playa, but if IIIIIII do it I’m a hoe?


But ain’t this the same bitch paying $10 to get in the club, while our black brother pays $63 and some change.


Girl please.

A double standard is a double standard.

Yelling out double standards can be like playing the race card.

Or maybe double standards are like hoes, we use them when we need them.

It’s either we accept them all or leave them all in the dust.

Because when we DO use them we do so to our advantage; we use them to maniupulate and exceed.

Ya’ll ever seen a stud stand in line to get in free before 11 p.m?


I’m sure you have.

She only used the double standard to her advantage. Don’t hate the playa hate the game.

Double standards are tricky.

Because as a woman, yes I want to pay less, but do I want to make less?


And as a man yes you want to make more, but do you reallyyyy want to pay the rent and allll of the bills? Do you?


Shit stressful bruh.

Society has created these standards.

Double Standards are nothing but boundaries and roles, used to keep us in our place.

Control, conformity, compliance.

But How has these standards effected us and our  relationships?

DOUBLE STANDARDS have done more harm than justice to our relationships especially our intimate relationships.

We go into relationships with double standards. We see the men a as protectors, and providers, we see the women as nurturers and sex objects.

We define roles, that come with double standards.

Society has fed us bullshit, brainwashed us, and left us to feen for ourselves.

Illuminati please don’t come for me.

img_3323-1I’m just stating facts, facts as to why our intimate relationships are so fucked up. Especially when it comes to cheating.



Whew, that word just do something to me.

Cheating is a never ending controversy. Why do men cheat? Why do women cheat?

Blah Blah Blah.

That answer is simple.

Men and women cheat for the same reasons. lol

Opportunity and sex.

The hard question is ‘why are men allowed to cheat and come back like nothing ever happened, but women are booted like your car on a crisp Saturday morning’?

Image result for why gif

Why? Why? Why?

Women watch men cheat in awe and admiration.


We wish we could cheat time after time and keep our same nigga 😦

Niggas would kill themselves if they found out their bitch was cheating. They can’t handle it.


They can barely handle their woman speaking to another man.

But I can’t blame men, I blame the previous generations who have allowed this nonsense.

We all know your grandpa had a family living around the corner from your granny house and granny knew about this.


Men cheating has always been accepted.

This mentality has  been passed down and used as a crutch for men to continue to slang long dick, short dick, thick dick , skinny dick WITHOUT consequences.

We have made this okay….



Yes because you should know better, but no because you honestly think this is ok.

Niggas gone nig….RIGHT?

That’s what they want us to think. They want us to think they men are genetically made up differently from women which is why they can’t suppress their hormones and hard dick.


These niggas bleed just like us.

Well except those 7 days out of the month, but ya’ll get what I’m saying.

We have to stop accepting cheating men as “boys will be boys.”

Your love for your partner does not disappear after you caught him with his dick out and one leg on the bed with his socks still on.

I get it ladies, you love the nigga.

BUT Let go. 


Because does he love you like that? If you got locked up would your nigga be there visiting you and sending you love letters?

This is the same rhetoric.

Men are taught to be emotionless, hardcore, and unforgiving.

Cheating breaks trust, why are women condemned for cheating and men just aren’t?

The double standard is not a bitch to play with, but the bitch honestly needs to die.

If women want to cheat give them the same passes you give men.

Let them cheat in peace like we let men.


You can read. I said let women cheat in peace like we ALLOW men.

After a woman cheats, she has to face her judgment day.  She is subjected to the slurs like,


HOE, SLUT, SKANK, HOT THOT, STRAGG… things of that nature.

But when a man cheats, it’s written off because he has a dick. When really that man is a hoe. That man is a slut.  That man is a skank. He’s a player.

A player…


Society condemns women, men condemn women, shit even some women condemn women for doing EXACTLY what men are allowed and granted to do.

This blog is not telling you to go hoe, hoe, hoe. 

Once again I’m not saying go and buss your pussy open like a can of biscuits, I’m saying grant women the same leeway that we grant men.

Please don’t hate me for presenting new ideas.

Why do we hold women to higher expectations of loyalty and trust but don’t do the same for men?

But I’m tired and ready to get to these 5 points like it’s a hot bath and a blunt waiting on me.

“5 Reasons Why Women are Condemned for Cheating and Men just Aren’t”


  1. Men are Possessive and Entitled

  2. Once you give “his pussy” away he no longer wants anything to do with you. As if your pussy belonged to him in the first place.

Men are quite possessive, let’s be honest here. Men have an ego issue, if it’s theirs no one else can have it…until his bitch goes and fucks another nigga. Tragic. They can’t fathom their girl having sex with another man, ESPECIALLY sucking another man’s dick. img_1852You niggas are WEAK. Men condemn women because their ego won’t allow them to take a bitch back. Fragile. I’m literally shaking right now.

2. Women are Sexualized

When society or men judge women for cheating it’s like they are putting all of her qualities and attributes into one category: SEX. Let me break this all the way down. Women can enjoy sex just like men enjoy sex. So why is it just sex when a man cheats, but an emotional connection when a woman cheats?

Ya’ll do know that bitches can fuck and duck right?


It’s not viewed the same because they subject a woman’s self worth to their titties, ass, and crazy mouth piece.  And once she give that pussy away she becomes tarnished, used up, washed up.

Boy bye, this pussy pop severely.

3. Women are Socially Scrutinized

A bitch can’t breathe wrong. Women are supposed to be these proper, reserved, and nurturing entities who make no mistakes, especially the mistake of sucking dick on accident.


It’s not her fault.

It’s a gender role issue. Stop expecting women to be prim and proper, but don’t expect the same for men. Women have to dress and behave a certain way, but men don’t which is why women are condemned to the gates of hell for ACCIDENTALLY spitting and adding a little tornado twist to her side nigga dick.

Girls will be girls.


4. Men are brainwashed

Their fathers (or lack thereof) passed down their misogynous attitude and sexism. Men have been taught to be men.  I guess that includes cheating on your partner and knowing that she’ll be there with open arms to accept you back.


Men know their power and act on it because it’s accepted. These niggas are taking advantage of the patriarchal  system that is in place, just fucking, fucking fucking. And can you blame them?

It’s the double standard.



Thank you all for joining me again as we decipher why men are allowed to reign relentlessly and women…well women…


Let women cheat in peace bro.



Happy One Year Anniversary to the BAD GIRL OF BLOGGING.




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