How Freaky is Your Zodiac?

This goes for all my nasty hoes…

You know why you’re here:

1. You fuck with Zodiac Signs

2. You fuck with fucking

Don’t be ashamed, this isn’t pornhub.

You know how you visit porn hub, buss your nut, and then become disgusted with yourself?

You whore.

But I digress,

You know for a fact that these are your two obsessions.

Zodiac Signs & Sex.

I just happened to combine the two.

A motherfucking DUO.

I made mashed potatoes and gravy.

I made a hamburger and French fries

I made chips and dip.

I made fried chicken and mild sauce.


I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Eat some pussy.

Stop acting like you don’t know why you’re here.

You fucking freaks.

This blog is liable to say anything.


Everybody got a little or a lot of freak in them.

From ya grand-momma down to ya momma…they got tf down.

Their freakiness is why you’re here. Thank them bitches.

Thank em.

Being freaky is ok guys.

Say it with me,

Being freaky is ok.

I mean you’re already having butt ass naked sex, you might as well go the whole mile.

We all turn into someone else when those lights go off and those doors close.

I endorse all freaky shit.



Except women eating ass.  I rebuke THAT shit (no pun intended) in the name of the LORD.


If you eat ass as a woman I don’t want you on my website. You’re spam. Leave, skedaddle. Go eat some ass.

That’s too freaky.

FREAKY: Very odd, strange, or eccentric

Now when I say freaky I mean FREAKYYY…

I’m fucking with y’all lol.

I mean just doing something “out of the ordinary”.

Everyone is so used to the usual, ya know.

Oral, then sex.


SEX should not feel like an assembly line.

You should NEVER know your partner’s next move or moves.

This is why y’all be getting cheated on, them same 1,2 step ass moves.

Make that pussy slip and slide.

Make that dick bounce boy.

Some basics would be sucking toes. Toe by toe. Tongue in ear.

Tongue in ass.

Minor freaky shit.

We’ll start there.

But some of you aren’t up for the task.

Don’t beat yourself up about it, blame your Zodiac Sign.

But other signs, them other signs have quite an advantage.

And some signs will shock you…

So pay attention.

I’m here to be honest with you men and women some of y’all are NOT freaks…like at all.

Scared to lick a nigga nipple.

Scared to fuck her in front of the guys.

Hit it from the side right in front of Man Man ass.


“What one person won’t do, the next will”

I need to know right now if y’all a freak or not?

Or am I wasting my breath? I mean these keystrokes.

When reading this think of all of the niggas you done fucked, all of the pussy you done pounded…how freaky were they and what was their ZODIAC sign?

When it’s time to do ya thang, how do YOU do ya thang?

How Freaky is your Zodiac?

Cunt Capricorn’s:

I love starting with Capricorns. Capricorns are the underestimated FREAKS of the zodiac. These signs don’t want anyone knowing that they’re freaks, surprising? Well not really.

These signs are so focused on their success and hard work they don’t want anything to tarnish that image. These are the type of signs to say:

“I’ve never done this before”

These signs are grounded so subsequently Capricorns rather have consistency than variety. BUT Capricorns do enjoy power, dominance and control so don’t be surprised if you walk into some S & M shit.

Just know whatever they come up with that new, was planned out

Nothing spontaneous with this sign.

Side note: It’s extremely hard for them to figure out their lovers needs.

They slow.

It goes in the first hole beloved.

With Capricorns being planners, strategists, and traditional…

You gone get the same dick each time sis

Yup, that’s the same dick.

This sign just isn’t THAT freaky.

Anal Aquarius:

I just love this sign. Aquarians know they’re freaks, they aren’t the type to brag about it.

Aquarians are innovators, so they’re down to experiment and explore their sexuality.

But Aquarians can switch up quick.

You may think they’re in tune with you emotionally, physically, or even spiritually but really it’s just a mental thing for this sign. They are there for the experiment not the experience.

It’s like they’re having sex for themselves.

To make themselves better sex partners, you just happened to be their guinea pig.

These signs are unpredictable, independent, and great communicators.

They love sex, they don’t necessarily love you.

It’s all an experiment to them.

They want to one up THEMSELVES.

Not necessarily please YOU.

It’s merched this sign is the best at eating pussy. Have yo ass in the clouds.

Because they listennnnn.

They eat pussy for themselves, now that’s some freaky shit.


Pussy Pisces

I HEARD THEM WATER SIGNS GET WETTER. Pisces are intuitive and understand body language.

Pisces are GIVERS!

You get a nut, you get a nut, you get a nut.

Everybody can get a nut off a Pisces.

Pussy Pisces.

The difference between a Pisces and an Aquarius is that the Pisces is giving to you because they want to please you, an Aquarius wants to one up themselves.

Pisces basically pimp themselves.

They’re prostitutes.

Poor Pisces.

Hence why they’re pussy. You can do anything with this sign, they’re fluid.

Sex is for your pleasure, even if they don’t like it. 😦

This sign is Selfless and full of empathy so they’ll make sure you’re pleased before them.

Their body is your party. They give themselves away.

Yall some fragile freaks…

Slurping Sagittarius:

Sex with Sags so AMAZING.

Yes, I’m a Sag.

Sex with a spontaneous, free spirited, open-minded, and optimistic Sagittarius can be like a trip to the Source Awards, you never know what’s cumming next! If you’re tired of getting the same neck from your bitch, come fuck with a SAG.


It’s within them, they don’t even try.

Sags love being the dominant one but they also love being the submissive one, which makes it hard to anticipate what’s next.

The type of sign to fuck you wherever with whoever around.

Sags like to do a lot of sensory overload.

The women fuck around and have your balls in her mouth, while rubbing your nipple with a wet finger.

But remember that Sags are players.

Womp. Womp. Womp.

Sex with them can feel impersonal and insignificant…they fuck everybody like that.

I’m loud?


Cumming Cancers:

Cancers are cuddlers…not freaks. But always have that one outlier of a Cancer.

This sign makes sex so special, you forgot you were fornicating.

They have you so relaxed and comfortable that it turns spiritual.

But Cancers are moody, never forget.

So sexy can sometimes be rough, and unforgiving. Cancers are very in tune with their emotions and if something is off emotionally…you’ll feel it in the sex.

They are willing to please their partner and will do whatever is asked of them.

Cancers are compromisers which can lead to being freaky….

Licking Leo’s:


Leo’s love themselves more than anyone else, let’s start there.

Leo’s want a submissive partner. Period!

The Royal Penis is Sucked your highness.

They want you to bow down Bitch. No talking.

This sign is a selfish freak. Damn near makes them un-freaky.

They want to see you do all the work.

Where’s the fun in that? Your body needs love too.

These signs are headstrong and egoistic.

It’s like bitch you better suck this dick and expect nothing in return.

Not freaky.

Appetizing Aries:

Aries are hoes, sorry I had to get that off my chest once again. Aries are FREAKS. They come with the element of surprise. This sign loves to take lead in the bedroom, but they can burn out very soon.

An Aries woman rides dick for two minutes and well

Aries do not pace themselves.

You see an Aries is like a child who’s on a sugar rush. They fucking and fucking, but no stamina. They burn out QUICK.

They treat sex like it’s a Race and not a marathon.

Take your time Aries, foreplay my niggas.

Suck on the dick slow ladies.

These signs are courageous and daring which makes sex good with them but also a competition.

Sex for an Aries is them trying to nut.

How freaky is that?

Tickling Taurus:

TAURUS, you motherfucking Taureans! You see Caps and Taurus are very similar, but a Taurus wants you to know that they’re undercover hoes. The Taurus is the definition of a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

Top Two Freakiest Sign!

This sign was saved by its sensuality, it’s ability to be so sensual and romantic which creates variety.

Variety = Freaky

This sign is not moved by any ole lick of the lips. This sign is hard to entice and turn on because they’re so grounded.

They’re stubborn…even with sex.

Only certain people can please a Taurus. But when they find their match this can become of the freakiest signs to exist.

Unlike the Aries this sign is full of stamina.

Gagging Gemini’s:

Just like Aries, Geminis are hoes too. They can make connections with anybody including a bum on the street. They’ll fuck them too.

Unlike Taurus, anything and anybody can turn a Gemini on. These signs are energetic, curious, and extremely playful.

But their sex drive is short lived just like their attention span.

Strong Feelings and Gemini shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

This sign will fuck anything with a pulse and a hole.

Stay away from a Bitch like me.

Is that freaky or nasty?

But this sign is willing to try any and every thing.

So I guess freaky?

But they nasty.

Idk, niggas ain’t shit.

Vivacious Virgos:

As Smart as Virgos are, their wits and brains go out the window when It comes to sex. I mean, Yes they know how to fuck, but they don’t know how to initiate it.

Sex with a Virgo is like playing double Dutch

How do you approach this shit?

Virgos are too worried about being perfect even WITH sex.

Calm down Virgos damn.


Virgos are sick, if they feel like they’re enjoying sex too much they’ll implement some type of structure.

It’s sad.

Virgos are too focused on every detail and analyzing everything to fully enjoy being a freak.

This sign is very particular, like a Taurus only certain shit turns them on.

They aren’t freaks, they’re problem solvers.

Lusty Libras:

Libras are one of the most romantic of the Zodiac. Libra’s will sweet talk you right out ya panties, ya damn panties

These signs don’t fuck, they make love.


I know.

They are people pleasers like a mf.

They’ll neglect their own needs for their partners, but not for too long.

This sign is all about balance.

You have to lick it before stick it with this sign.

You have to suck it before your fuck it with this sign.

This sign is about balance and reciprocation.

Freaks? Nah.

Lovers yes.

Sexy Scorpios:


THE Scorpio.

The rulers of sex.

I never fucked one of y’all but now I’m curious.

Scorpios are devoted to sex. It’s like they aim to please. Period. They use sex as manipulation and devotion.

You fuck a Scorpio and they have your soul.

A Scorpio is connoisseur in pleasing. They take their time to learn their partner, learn what they need to improve.

They are wild, spontaneous, but caring and kind.

The perfect mix.

Scorpios are passionate and intentional.

A female Scorpio will wrap her legs around you and whisper cum in me and well…

This sign is evil and uses Sex as a weapon of destruction which hands downs makes it THE freakiest sign to me.

Now you tell me,

Who is the freakiest zodiac to YOU?

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One thought on “How Freaky is Your Zodiac?

  1. The fact that im a Taurus this shit just explained me to a T .!!!! I enjoyed reading this and it completely kept my attention im here for all the freaky shit 💯💯💯😈😈😈

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