90’s Sitcom or Shitcom?

Can I just get a minute of everyone’s time? 

Literally just a second…

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Just Wanna Talk to You…urinal second

The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. 

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Whew.

Now, I’m not gone be like ya’ll pastors and hold ya’ll much longer than  I have to.


You know why we’re here.

So, Let’s get it over quick and pretend like this blog is a simple game of MARRY, FUCK, KILL.

If you’re a 90’s baby, I love you.

You is smart, You is Kind, You is Important.

The 90’s were a significant stepping stone in BLACK culture. The 90’s cultivated a new sense of music, fashion, lingo, and most importantly cinema.


(We had to revamp and re-brand after Ronald Reagan sprinkled crack in our communities in the 80’s)

That slipped out,  Illuminati please spare my life.

But anyway,

Black People basically got shit bussin’ in the 90’s. 



Those motherfuckin SITCOMS set the tone.

Me and you, yo moma and yo cousin too, WE ALL looked forward to coming home and indulging in some good ole tv.

Before Netflix, HULU, and Xfinity Stream, we had the orginal OGs.

Fox, NBC, The WB, and my personal favorite, UPN.

You know, Normal shit.


The sitcoms of the 90’s played a pivotal role in shaping our outlooks on LIFE.

These sitcoms gave us real life situations on a comedic or dramatic screenplay, all the while keeping us thoroughly entertained.

But which one kept us THE MOST entertained? 

Which Sitcom Shut Shit Down?

Now I’m a woman of my word and I said we gone keep this simple and short.

Let’s go down a short list of some the most talked about sitcoms of the 90’s.

Sitcom or SHITcom? 

Living Single


Let’s start with this dyke, Queen Latifah. She was a unrivaled talent of the 90’s and starred in one of the hottest tv shows of the 90’s, Living Single.

Honestly the show would’ve been more realistic and interesting if they had her dating women. I wasn’t convinced. I knew she was a dyke at an early age. But that’s neither here nor there.

This show was boring as fuck, which is why I BARELY and RARELY ever watched it.

How many times did you laugh watching this show? What’s your favorite episode?


Exactly, it’s  a show that’s not memorable.

The show was unrealistic and based on fairy-tale principles.

Six grown black mothafuckas living under two of the same roofs looking for love…


Unoriginal and dull. 

Omg who’s gonna love me?

Shut the fuck up.

Very desperate. 

It’s really some shit you’d watched on the hallmark network with your 78 year old grandmother.




Mo to the E to the, Mo to The E to the, Mo to the E to the Moeshaaaa.

Head ass.

First off, Brandy is a murderer.

Second off, this big forehead, wide mouth braud put on for all the black girls out there.

We respect you for that Moesha. XOXO

But don’t clap just yet Bitch.


Moesha used to cause ALLLLLL the drama, and scurry away to her room, kick her legs in the air and write in that journal of hers.


Bitch, you just told Kim that Hakeem didn’t didn’t want her fat ass and really wants to eat your pussy.

Moesha was a wild bitch.

Ya’ll don’t remember when she told everyone that Hakeem’s cousin was gay or when she told on Dorian?

Just a snitch Bitch.

What was her zodiac sign?

But on some real shit, this show was a HIT.

It addressed many important teenage issues like sex, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, blended families, high school gossip, and more social issues like racism, sexism, and classism.

Image result for moesha gif.

Related image

Related image

Related image

This show was NEEDED for young black girls everywhere. Moesha was a rarity, one of the only sitcoms who didn’t center around a comedian.


The Wayans Bros.

Look up Marlon, say cheese!

Image result for the wayan brothers gif

A family full of geniuses, but this sitcom is NOT some of their best work.

This sitcom was like a foreshadow for the movie, “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”.


The adventures of two brothers living together in Harlem, being business owners of a newsstand.

The show was funny, but…



It’s like you watch it one good time and that’s all you need. There’s nothing else to see, or to catch.

Three main things about this show:

NO depth.


Just doing silly shit to get a laugh.

Clown behavior.

What was the purpose of this show?


At least “Living Single” had an underlying purpose.

I do remember that one episode where they gave the cousin (their sister) a makeover, other than that nothing else is re-watchable.

You can’t sit through a Wayans Bros. marathon, after a while the episodes are just like,


This show is somewhat annoying.

Ya know?

It’s still black culture, but the production was terrible.




PG 13. And They are still PG 13 in real life. I just want one of them to release a sex tape like damn!

I was waiting on one of these bitches to show a nipple on the show.

But anywho,

Sister Sister is a classic.

The show has an underlying message of abandonment.

For instance, How some of y’all daddies go to the store for milk and never return?

Shit like that.

It also deals with teen issues like insecurities, rejection, authority, puppy love, and friendship.

Y’all remember when Tamera washed Mary J. Blige on her own song?

Or when they used to play Roger, but low key wanted to fuck him?

Those were the days.

These two sisters put on for young black girls around the world. Very similar to Moesha, but the more watered down and PG 13.

Moesha was a low key hoe.


The Jamie Foxx Show


This show was the SHIT!

I rank it with some of the best.

Jamie Foxx is beyond talented and it’s clearly highlighted through this sitcom.

This show was not as sugar coated as most sitcoms, many sexual innuendos and adult content were conveyed.

Although this show didn’t do as well as everyone thinks, it was a hit in the black community.

In the show, Jamie was a starving musician like most of y’all boyfriends.

The show was interesting only because of Jamie Foxx, he’s a natural talent.

He spoke with substance and entertained in the same setting.

He would throw his singing in there from time to time, just a class act.

Braxton was the brunt of all of Jamie’s jokes, had me thinking this man was a lame in real life!

That’s how Brutal the jokes were.

Y’all remember when Braxton finally got some pussy from a bitch named Monique and Jamie couldn’t believe it?

It was none of Jamie’s “Beeswax”.


The Fresh Prince of Bel -Air


One of the GOATS.

Will Smith, a very talented and skilled man. A rapper turned actor, showed up and showed out.

This sitcom was based on a nigga that got hoed out of his hometown by some random niggas like it wasn’t shit.

Then, subsequently sent to live with his auntie and uncle.

This show put a spotlight on poverty, classism, sexism, parental relationships, racism, and the social life of young adults.

Will Smith showed his uppity family members that it’s ok to have fun, let them in on the secrecy of struggling, and brought them life to that dull upper echelon community.

The episode that made history was the one where Will’s biological dad sent him to the moon.

The man left him hanging.

This scene was UNSCRIPTED.

Will really felt that shit in his chest, this scene showed us how versatile Will can be.

Thank You Will.

By the way, Hilary couldn’t keep a man.


A Different World

College, cool.

Black rights, cool.

Love story, cool.

Did I miss anything?

Ok, cool.

Super cliche but inspirational because they were black…that’s it.


Over fucking rated.


Hangin With Mr. Cooper


I can honestly say I don’t know why I put this on the list.

I never ever, never ever ever, saw this.

Revoke my black card. Beat my ass.

Do what you have to do.

It must’ve been bullshit anyway.


In The House



LL Cool J is just a shitty actor all around the board. And we all just know this show ain’t it.

This show was based on an ex football player who got desperate when his money started running out.

Who approved this?

In all serious let’s pray for the beauty Maia Campbell, who is struggling with drug addiction.

Still a Shitcom tho.

Malcolm and Eddie


I’m indecisive…….




This is the one. Every other sitcom can sit down now,

Martin Lawrence, a NATURAL TALENT.

This man was beyond creative, he played so many of the characters on the sitcom.

Shenehneh, Mama Payne, Jerome, Ol Otis, Roscoe, Dragon Fly Kones.. How fucking talented is that?

It’s so many episodes that have resonated with black culture.

Remember when Martin got on his 2018 Vegan shit?

Or when he was trying to figure out who stole his brand new CD player?

This episode was a play on New Jack City, super creative.

The characters actually got out of character during this scene. Tommy couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Or when Martin got his ass handed to him?

Or When they got scammed out of a vacation?

Martin brought something fresh and funny every episode! Made us laugh about the things that were supposed to have us down.

Because honestly if I got scammed out of a vacation like that, mfs would die.

And it wouldn’t be that animal.

Thank you Martin for being THE GOAT of sitcoms.

Which SITCOM Shut Shit Down?

Which sitcom was your personal favorite?

How did these sitcoms affect your life? Affect Black Culture?

And lastly,

Please stop playing. Don’t reboot SHIT but your WiFi.

Take those reboot ideas and stick them up your ass.

Don’t fuck with classics.

Thank you.

Now go enjoy some re-runs!

Honorable mentions:

The Steve Harvey Show (shitcom),

The Cosby Show (Sitcom),

Family Matters (Shitcom) ,

The Hughleys (Shitcom),

The Parent Hood (Shitcom)

Smart Guy (Sitcom)

Kenan and Kel (Sitcom)


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