A Love Story: 40 Acres & A Mule

I know, I know.

Today is Valentines Day.

Rejoice, have sex, love each other.

But this ain’t that lovey dovey, that Kiss Kiss.

Yes, we all love love.

But does love love us?

Does it?

Some times it does.

But other times…

Love is fatal.

This blog isn’t a blog.

It’s a love story that’s been told time and time again.

How many of you want your sex back from an ex?

Bitch, give me that nut back that I gave you.

How many of you want your love back from a bitch?

Bitch give me my emotions back.

I want my shit.

I want my shit.

I want my shit.

How many of you want your TIME back from a nigga?

It’s my time and I need it now!

It’s called Reparations!

Your 40 Acres and a Mule.

It’s like if Black people FINALLY got their reparations for sayyyyy…slavery?

You know but the reparations would come from your old niggas, your old bitches.

Mfs need to pay you what they owe you!

You see playing with someone’s love is like playing with their money.

I’m not saying you should dwell in the past, never do that.

what’s done is done right?


I’m saying people need to own up to the hurt and damage they’ve caused others.

Own up wasting people’s time.

Own up to faking like you loved them.

Own up to your shit.

Because when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite.

Reparations are compensations for unpaid labor.

Unless you paying me, you don’t have my time.

That sounded like some prostitution ring leader shit.

But I really meant,

Pay me in love. Pay me in affection.

Don’t pay me in lies or deception.

See mfs go wrong when they don’t tell you EXACTLY what it is.

The lies, who lies anymore?

It’s 2018.


We wouldn’t have to own up to ANYTHING if you were honest in the beginning.

Be 100 with your love.

Because when you say you love a nigga do you really mean it?

You start to look at shit a little different, like having sex when you didn’t want to.

Or You begin to add up all the shit you did for your lover like, kissing his balls when you really didn’t want to, sucking her toes when really you didn’t have to.

they didn’t deserve you.

Be honest.

We wouldn’t need reparations in Love if people were honest.

Now look, ima tell you this one time and one time only,

love ain’t for free!

People choose to love! And they chose you.

People don’t HAVE to love you, that’s your mothers job.

Pick your lip up.

That’s mommy’s duty to love you unconditionally.

Play with yo Moma, not me.

People choose to love.

Think about it take a second,

Matter of Fact,

You should feel special that a mf even allowed you in their space, their life, and ultimately loved you.

People give and give with nothing in return.

That’s slavery.

“Just leave”

“mfs don’t put a gun to your head to make you stay”

“There are no victims, only volunteers”

Yes I know that’s what you’re thinking.


People lie like they love you, just like men lie about their hairlines.

You unmask the nigga and he’s, well balding.

After the lies, deception, and heartbreak…

It’s time for the percolator,

It’s time for the reparations.

it’s time.

The time is now.

I’m NOT saying run to your ex and tell them that they owe you love and all that sappy type of shit.

This blog isn’t for you, it’s for your ex

You as the person who owes reparations, need to take accountability, apologize for the fake love.

Admit that you’ve negatively affected someone’s emotions,

if not to them to yourself.

Love is like money, you need it to survive.

But just like you work for money, you have to work for love!

You think this good pussy, and this cold personality for free?

Absolutely not.

I’m sick of people asking about Love, and the only answers they can only tell you what heartbreak is.

Sick of it.

That’s how fucked up this world is.

I wrote this blog to say be careful with your love, be careful with who you’re loving.

Don’t give all your love and receive nothing in return.

Love not only feels good, but it hurts sometimes.

Your ex lovers owe you reparations.

Or at least they owe themselves some honesty.

They owe everybody an apology for their shit.

You deserve your 40 Acres and a Mule.

Do you owe someone love reparations?

Have you committed soul murder?

Fucked up someone’s emotions and trust?

Take two things away with you from this blog:

1. Love isn’t for free

And for Christ’s Sake,

2.. Stop wasting people’s time.

Ladies you better get what you give.

If you don’t well, you know the rest

And if no one else loves you, Diamond’sDosage does.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️


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