How does your ZODIAC Sign Cheat?

Cheaters, Cheaters, Pumpkin Eaters


You’re here for two reasons, you’re a cheater, or you’ve been cheated on.

It happens.

This blog is not the one for excuses or justifications, but it is here to give you some insight about your sign, or your baby daddies’ signs, side bitch sign….well you know the people you have dated or are currently dating now.

Their signs.

So when reading this, don’t only read your sign.

Read hers. Read His.


Stay ONE step ahead of the game.

z0Di@c  $!GnS N0+ 3V3n R3@l

Then why are you here?




I didn’t put a gun to your head to make you click this title.


You’re here for a reason.

Because you somewhat believe there’s truth to zodiac signs and Astrology. 

And that’s ok.

Live your truth. Not believing in zodiac signs is like not liking Beyonce.

You want to be different and it shows. 


Astrology is a Science.

Not sure how many times I have to express that astrology is evidence-based.

Your zodiac sign predicts your personality and future events in your life based on the positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial objects at the time of your birth. 


Still don’t get it? It’s simple. 

Ok astrology is like catching your man cheating. You find all the clues, you connect the dots, you do the math, and you come to the conclusion that this nigga did in fact CHEAT.


And you take him back.

But here you are again finding yourself connecting the dots, doing the math and you come to the conclusion that this nigga did, in fact, cheat again.

Repetition & the same conclsuion= DATA 


Baby, you’re a scientist.


A researcher.

Hypothesis = “If ____then ____” 

If this nigga comes home late one MO time then it’s merched he cheating.

That’s what astrology is, proven hypotheses.

But we aren’t here to prove that astrology is real or whatnot.

We are here to learn how that man cheated, what was his sign? And according to his sign, is he likely to do it again?

How Does Your Zodiac Sign Cheat? 

Cappin Capricorns.

(December 22-January 19)

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Oh, Capricorns. Cappin Capricorns are extremely carefree, these signs stay one step ahead of the game forreal. If they are cheating, they are cheating. Period. They are NOT emotional cheaters.

They simply like being fucked, with these signs being carefree………they don’t care. But if and when they are caught they will try their best to justify their wrongdoings or even fake as though they’re sorry.

Cheating is not a big deal for Caps, these people usually live by the rules, so when they get a chance to spice shit up…….THEY SPICE SHIT UP.

They will plead their case to their death when caught, these signs love to exaggerate hence, why they’re cappers.


Absent Aquarians

(January 20 to February 18)


Absent Aquarians are……….emotional cheaters. When Aquarians fuck with somebody, THEY FUCK WITH THEM. They are instantly attached, and if that pussy or dick good???? ……….good luck getting rid of an Aquarius. They get attached too soon and end up falling for the person that is not their partner. Most of the time when an Aquarius cheats, they connect it with love.

giphy (2).gif

This sign wants you to catch them cheating, they can’t and won’t muster up the courage to say it themselves. Aquarius cheaters cheat because they love new and shiny things.


They are easily distracted,  keep your Aquarius on a tight leash.

Politickin’ Pisces

(February 19 to March 20)

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Politickin’ Pisces, you motherfuckers are CLEVER. When a Pisces cheats, it’s like you’d never know until they’re ready to tell you.  If you’re in a relationship with a Pisces be careful, they are calculated and plan every move. You may be sitting next to the bitch he’s fucking. Look Around.

giphy (1).gif

They like to make their victim feel like they’re the only one, and they can hold this together for months, years. These signs are imaginative…..they get really really creative. So, if any Pisces is a cheater, he/she will be a manipulative and selfish person to the partner.

Their cheating tactics are just as good as their loving tactics. One minute they will be telling you how much they love you and the next, they’ll be laid up with their side piece spooning. Crazy right.

But playas fuck up too, Pisces do indeed get caught.

Asshole Aries

(March 21-April 19)

Aries Zodiac Sign

Oh Lord. Ya’ll some hoes! Point. Blank. Period. Aries are adventurous, really adventurous. They honestly can’t help but cheat on their partners. Seek Help. Being as though Aries are always on the move, they meet tons of new people….and we all know what that leads to. New Dick.


The worst part is that they won’t even deny it; instead, they will blame the victim. The worst type of people, they make you feel bad for their CHEATING. What type of plot twist is that?

Their defense mechanisms are unmatched, they justify their behavior in any way possible. As long as they felt like they cheated for a “good reason” then their conscience is clear. Aries love to explore new things, new feelings, new everything.

They some HOES.


Tricky Taurians

(April 20-May 20)

Taurus Zodiac Sign

AWWWWW, Taurians. These particular individuals are loyal and they almost never cheat. But if you find yourself cheating as a Taurus or your partner is a Taurus and ends up cheating on you, it most likely means that he or she fell in love with another mf. Ouch!

img_7655That hurts. If a Taurus cheats, there is no turning back. The hope is….GONE. Taurians love stability and foundation, they don’t live their life on the edge. They are either single or committed, there’s no back and forth.

They are sensual lovers and take dating very serious, so if they cheated on you… weren’t shit to them.

BUT Taurians are stubborn and petty. They play tit for tat and never forget anything, you speak to another bitch, your Taurus girlfriend won’t ever forget that.

When you cross a Taurus that’s where you fuck up because honestly, these signs are…..

Lovers, not fighters.

Greedy Geminis

(May 21-June 20)

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Ya’ll greedy as Fuck on everything  I love. Geminis are willing to fuck you and yo  momma, if the opportunity presented itself. Pick A side Pick a side. Geminis usually cheat on their partners with those who are in close proximity to them. Geminis don’t care, they like to embarrass you in front of your loved ones. They LOVE to entertain everyone.


These are not the partners who believe in monogamy.



Honestly let’s be 100,

Gemini’s are the devil. Nothing more to say.


Crooked Cancers

(June 21-July 22)

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancers are really bad at cheating. They just don’t know how to cheat and usually end up telling on themselves. These signs aren’t complex and can’t live a complex life. They are extremely emotional and afraid of breaking hearts.  THEY FUCKING TELL ON THEMSELVES.


I smellllllllll PUSSY!

They will regret loving someone other than you because of how it will hurt you.


Lazy Leos

(July 23-August 22)

Leo Zodiac Sign

Unfortunately, Leos RARELY CHEAT. These signs are too damn loyal to cheat and they can’t stand the drama that cheating brings.


Not saying that THEY’LL never cheat, but it’s rare. These signs can commit and love one person for the rest of their life, only if it’s spicy. Leos are full of life and feisty, so bitch if you get boring to a LEO, he might just step out.

Leos can be argumentative, and stubborn but it doesn’t take away from their loyalness.

The only time I see a Leo CHEATING is if something is brutally wrong with the relationship.

Pussy Weak. Dick Weak. No Money. Things like that.

Leos might be Cheaters, TO YOUUUUUUUUU.


But in reality, These signs are not with that extra shit, they are loyal like lions. (Hence their symbol)

Vindictive Virgos

 (August 23-September 22)

Leo Zodiac Sign

The holier than thou Virgos, look at their symbol, a Virgin. Virgins are only individuals waiting to GET FUCKED. Please beat it with that act, Virgos are masters at cheating. These people are tactful, planners, and organizers. They pay attention to every detail even the most minuscule.

They can keep the cheating going on pretty much for the rest of their lives without their partners ever finding out all because of how they plan and prep.


Watch a Virgo very closely, if their habits change SOMETHING IS UP.

Virgos can love you and three other people at the same time without ever letting you feel ignored.

Catching a Virgo cheating is like waiting on pigs to fly.

Virgos literally plan their dick appointments.

Lying Libras

(September 23-October 22)

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libras have mastered the art of deception. Libras are superficial, so it’s easy for them to create many surface-level relationships which is why they can date two or more people for an extended amount of time without the next bitch catching a clue. When you find out a Libra has cheated on you, you’ll most likely be on your death bed.img_8998

It’s hard to catch these mfs in the act, they reek of hospitality. Very friendly signs.

Libras are also very good at convincing people into doing what they don’t really want to. They keep their hoes in check.


With Libras being vain, once they get caught cheating they won’t change their lifestyle they will only learn how to cheat better.

giphy (3)

Aint that some shit?

They don’t realize what they’ve done until it’s over.

But it’s too late.

Scorned Scorpios

(October 23-November 21)

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Surprisingly, Scorpios cannot really cheat on their partners because they take relationships very seriously. But when they do…….they take your soul. Scoripos are devious and manipulative, they’ll have you doing some shit you’d never thought you do,

Like eating their ass.


Most people fall in love with Scorpios, this is the number one sign that people CHEAT WITH.

Their mysterious demeanor leaves you wondering why you’re so intrigued by them. Scorpios are tricky, fucking with them is like playing with fire. If I were you, I’d stay far far far away from Scorpios.

They will conquer you.

And they some freaks.

Swindling Sagittarians

(November 22-December 21)


(ME) SAGS! The best out of the bunch, cheating is like an activity for a Sagittarius. For Sagittarius, cheating is a game and they love to play it. Sags loveeeee to jump. They jump from one opportunity to the next. They keep HOES.




Most people go to the movies, go skating, go out to eat for fun, but for the average SAG, they cheat for the hell of it.

They feel everything very intensely except for love.

Sags change their partners like they change their panties.





So with everything being said…….


Well, the best cheater. With them being calculated, and organized……

You’d never know how they truly get down. They’ll leave you with PTSD, they fuck your head all the way up.


Good Luck with a Virgo.

If you disagree with anything that I’ve said just let me know.


It ain’t hard to find me, I’m not hiding.

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Thank Ya’ll for Ya’ll time.


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