FINALLY Fellas: 7 Things we LOVE about Black Men


The above picture:

  • 11:59-Beyonce pre-nut
  • 12:00 Beyonce bussing a nut
  • 12:01 Beyonce post nut

That’s how long the excitement of dick/sex lasts.

I mean, of course there’s the flashbacks in the middle of the day, sitting at your desk or driving in traffic thinking about how he bent you over so with so much disrespect.


But Ladies, ya’ll act like fiends over the dick


FIENDS, I tell ya!


But then what?

What’s behind the dick? Who is the person attached to the dick?

You see, most women think that sex is all that a man has to offer. 

“Niggas aint good for shit but headaches and hard dick”

“A man can’t do shit for me, but give me a wet ass”

“Shidddddd, I barely need a man for dick this vibrator gone get me right”

Bitch, shut up.


You know that vibrator ain’t pulling your hair, smacking yo ass or, whispering in your ear.

And the NUMBER ONE thing women LOVE to say:

 “niggas ain’t shit”

He wasn’t shit when he was in those guts tho right?


If you can huh you can hear.


Would you be here without your father?


Right, so don’t say our men are useless. It’s time to watch our mouths.

You shollllll can use a man when it’s time to get that snow off your car.

You said the dinosaur fruit snacks was on the top shelf?

Or what about those groceries? Two trips fo yo ass.


It’s time to end the  “women vs. men” BULLSHIT.


Who’s with me?


Come onnnnn, it’ll be fun.

They don’t wanna see black men and black women win……especially WIN TOGETHER.

So they pit the black female against the black male, and sit back and watch the destruction occur.


(you know who “they” is)

Defaming the relationship between black men and black women will only cause unstable offspring and underdeveloped communities. 


We’ve been taught to hate each other……but women REALLY hate men.


Why sistas?

Niggas say one word, and women automatically…..


Men are NEVER right.

But ladies must understand that a man’s brain isn’t as complex as a woman’s. When he’s watching the basketball game that’s literally all he can focus on…..he doesn’t hear you in his right ear NAGGING.

Niggas kinda slow.


They are one track minded.

When women begin to understand how the male brain functions, we can be on one accord.

This is where it starts:

Women must differentiate between niggas and men.

Niggas = Ruthless, careless, selfish, detached immature, unstable (fuckboys)

Men= Loving, caring, selfless, mature, stable, mature, they smell good (adults)

Good Black Men Still Exist.

They’re like unicorns, rare, but once found MAGICAL.

Love yourself kings.

Some of these bitches not shit.


I hear the ladies mumbling, I hear the cackling, I see the bitches scared, shook, PANICKING.

What do ya’ll have to offer besides ya vagina…………?


Women love to play victim, but that’s for a different blog on a different Thursday.

OUR kings have so much to offer besides a wet dick.


I said they have more to offer than a wet dick.

You not trying to hear this shit huh?

They Do.

Even though we are living in the era of WOMEN, men have always been the backbone of Black families for centuries, fought for this racist ass country, became pivotal leaders in society, created culture, and most importantly….REPRODUCED.

And this is why we love ya’ll joe.

Black Men are the Number one Targets in Society.

They see black men, and are afraid.

Black Men we see you.


They don’t see you.

And Here’s the Reasons Why We Love YOU:

  1. Your Strength– This is to be taken literally and figuratively. Black men are not to be played with. Hardworking men, they get it by any means necessary. Black Men are known PROVIDERS. They get it out the mudd. img_5685

Black men are not new to ADVERSITY. Whatever it takes, a black man is willing to do. You just hope he works that hard to keep yo nagging ass, OK girlfriend.

2. Your Friendship Men love to gossip like normal friendships do. Black Men LOVE to give advice and companionship in times of need. beyonce-jay-z-1024.jpg Men love to feel NEEDED. 

3. Your HUMOR– Who funnier than BLACK MEN? Black men say some of the most creative shit. Think of the funniest men in the world? They got melanin, don’t they?

4. Your Aura/Demeanor– I guess the kids call this swag or sauce. Ya’ll got this shit down pat.


What other men can dress like a black man? Especially when yall wear those grey sweat pants!  tenor (15).gif

Can talk that talk like a black man? The lingo between black men remain unmatched.

4. Your Wisdom– Black Men are logical, this is what women need. Women tend to react off emotions while men think logically and practical. Men thank you for being that balance, the piece to a black woman’s puzzle. my.gif

5. Your EYELASHES– The ladies are jealous.

6. Your LOVE– When black men love, they love hard. They’ll give you everything if you’re worthy. The know the right things to say, and the right things to do. They make your pussy tingle.

tenor (14).gif

Finally Fellas……………………………………



No One Is Built Like A Black Man.

Thank You Black Men, for everything that you do. We love ya’ll, we see ya’ll.

We need BLACK MEN. We need that intimacy.

Black Men,

giphy (30).gif

Stop the rhetoric of “niggas ain’t shit.”

Black Women try not to say “niggas aint shit” for a month. Try it.


Release lil mama.

Instead of saying “niggas aint shit” Say I’m not shit for picking the wrong nigga.

Let that hurt go. You 27. 


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