Friends Vs. Fans

Well Well Well what do we have here?

The endless paranoia of Friends vs. Fans.

Who is loyal? Who?


You’re not sure are you?

Well, Diamond’sDosage and ItsLizzieBabie are here to let y’all in on a little secret, a little discernment for yo ass

Get your notepad ready, you’re in for a ride.


This blog is that ying and yang shit.

giphy (2).gif

You see we have #DiamondsDosage and itslizziebabie

The Best of Both Worlds.

We tag teaming hoes.


We’re a force when we’re together.

But this blog isn’t about either one of us, it’s about…………………..

The phonies, the fakes, the frauds.


Feeling guilty?


A tad bit?

It’s okay,

We’re here to save the day.

Image result for drake and future gif

Tag teaming shit like like Future and Drake, like Herb and Bibby.


But remember it’s not about us,

Fake friends, that’s that shit we don’t like. 

Fans get confused with friends just as much as people confuse Lloyd’s lyrics “she’s fine too” and she’s 5’2. We still don’t know what this young man said.

200 (1).gif

That’s how confusing “friendships” can be. If you have to question your friendships, then maybe that aint ya friend, but a fan. 


Pick a side, Pick a Side, Pick a Sideeeeee…………..


and stay there.

Wave to your fans.


That’s all they should get.

They’re fans not friends.

Friendships are relationships that are put in place to provide your life with laughter, trust, vulnerability, fun, genuineness and overall happiness. Friendships are ultimately vital to your social life, your progression, your success and of course your well being.

Each of these components are at RISK when you can’t discern between a fan or a friend. People are confused about the two. People are not really friends anymore, merely fans.

So, guess. what. you. need. to. do?


Keep loyal, solid, mfs around you.

Birds of a feather flock together.

You are what you hang around.

See, Fans only want to be around for the clout, the entertainment.

People hang out because they want to be entertained), or they are with the MBLU (MAD BITCHES LINK UP) movement.


You have to know the difference between the two or you’ll be out here lost in the sauce, with no real friends and a wolf pack of fans.

Discernment is a gift from GOD. Use that shit.

Figure the shit out, watch people.


Fans love to disguise themselves as friends.

But fans are nothing but opportunists.

We are living in a clout era, most people want to be known and they don’t care what they’re known for just as long as everybody or somebody knows them.

They need to be around other people that are known too. They will befriend you just to be tied to opportunities, connections, or networks.


Get back bitch. 

Be mindful of how people move. They look at you like and they see opportunity. They see chance. They see the glitz and the glam. But do they see you?

giphy (1).gif

Do they even like yo ass? Or do they like the name you’ve made for yourself? Do they even care to know you, like know you on some deep/personal shit? 

Leeches, bloodsuckers.

download (1).jpg

They done used you up until they couldn’t anymore.

Save yourself.

Your life is the entertainment of theirs. These are fans, these are the type of people who want to hang with you for all the wrong reasons.

You can not have a friendship to use and or manipulate people.

These type friendships usually don’t last long.

Fans will expose themselves. You don’t have to do it.



If you choose to be in competition with your friends, you’ve already lost.

Salty mf. Sad mf. Sorry Mf.


You’s a sorry bitch.

And you owe everybody an apology for yo shit hoe. 


There’s a such thing as friendly competition, the kind of competition where you’re motivating your friend, pushing them to go harder, while you’re doing the same thing.


Then there’s downright jealousy, when you’re in a jealous rage you don’t even realize it. Your little ass don’t want your friend doing something because they might do it better than yo ass.

We on to you.


You should know the difference between positive and negative forms of envy – wanting something you can’t have versus wanting something you can.

What looks like hostile competition between women may instead mask feelings of insecurity, fear of success, and healthy aggression.

Figure out what it is about you, and stop trying to compete with your friends.


Why are you jealous?

Most jealous people don’t know themselves.

Catch up bitch, we loving ourselves in 2018.


Like who tf are you really? Can the real slim shady please stand the fuck up?

You a mad bitch because you haven’t found your purpose and your friend has.

Catch up hoe, we supporting our friends in 2018.

tenor (3).gif

If your friends make it uncomfortable for you to share and enjoy your accomplishments……….

tenor (2)

Well you know the rest.

Some people are confused about who they consider a friend. You cannot consider someone your friend and envy them in any way possible.

You cannot want to be your friend.

Everyone is an individual and should be okay with living their life as such.


If your friend has a business, brand, or something they’re passionate about and you don’t support that, STOP CALLING THEM YOUR FRIEND.

Some of your relationships are toxic and tedious……………………………..

You, Know what Melissa


We gone leave this blog on TO BE CONTINUED!

We ain’t done with you mfs yet…………………….


Stay tuned to find out if you’re a friend or fan.



We love yall Joe.

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