The Five Types of Fibbers

You happen to be out and about minding your business and you see some strange shit out the corner of your eye

It’s a bird, Its a plane….


No it’s just your friend’s nigga in another bitch face

So you did what any best friend would do, you gathered receipts.


Her man now calls you the #SnitchBitch.

But at least you told the truth.

The Truth is the one thing that can’t hide for long.

tenor (9)

The truth is always there, waiting to be exposed, lurking in the shadows.

We have people out here claiming to be real niggas and real bitches………

Real Niggas Tell The Truth 

Real Bitches Tell The Truth 

It’s so hard for humans to become one with the truth. They run from the Truth just like weak bitches run from the dick.

Don’t fight it.


Take it all in.

What’s the point in lying? WE want to know.

You see, you can only run from the truth for so long until it pops up at your door waiting.


Surprise mf. You have to deal with your demons.

Why are you so afraid to TELL THE TRUTH?

I mean who gone beat yo ass?


Why are you so afraid to ACCEPT THE TRUTH? 

Did you really fall down those stairs or is Ray Ray back dotting your eyes?



1. Because the Truth Hurts

2. And Those Lies Heal

We live in a world of delusion. Most people would rather live in a fantasy world than to own up to their realities, own up to their words, own up to their emotions, or own up to their actions.

Ya’ll 27.

“Out on the street, I tell the ho’s the truth. I lie to you because I care about your feelings”

giphy (2).gif

He has a POINT Sis. The truth inevitably Hurts. 

The Truth can be a hard pill to swallow. 

Finding out your man has been touching this bitch the same way he touches you.

Finding out your girl texted a nigga back “yes” after he asked her was today Thursday.


It hurts.

You’d rather live in a world of delusion than to carry the burden of “Damn did I really get cheated on?”


Yes, you did.

You’re embarrassed of someone else’s actions.  You’d rather conceal the truth to appear normal for outsiders.

When really, you hurtinnnnnnnnnnnn


It’s important to live your truth, it makes you who you are.

The truth is your testimony! You can’t run from your problems forever. When you live your truth, you live freely.

Image result for dave chappelle rubbing gif

It feels so good to be free. 

Now, this blog isn’t saying tell all your business to Tom, Dick, and Harry, but it is saying STOP FUCKING LYING to others and to yourself! 

What do you gain from lying but a cloud of confusion?

We have liars and those who get lied to.

Be on the right side of history.

Question every word, every action. 


Please stop believing bullshit.

If you think something and don’t say it, you’re lying to yourself.

You must use your intuition to discern the truth from a lie.

Who they finna try?  They basically telling you that you’re not worthy of the truth, you a goofy, you a lame. 


Yes, when people lie to you, they don’t respect you or your intelligence. 

Top Three Lies:  

  1. ” I only have my card on me”
  2. “Ima call you rightttttt back”
  3. “I ate at home already”


Yea ok budd.

Tell the truth. It’s 2018.

  1. You broke
  2. You not interested in that dry ass conversation
  3. You broke

Because really that’s whats happening here.  

One thing we must know about the truth: It never Needs Any Proof

The truth will always be the truth.

It is true what’s done in the DARK always comes to LIGHT.

giphy (26)

Bitches love to lie about sucking dick. “Boy, I must really like you, I never did this before”


Momas love to lie about you being 9 when you really 15 just to get into Old Country Buffet

Pastors love to lie saying all the money going to the rent and renovations of the church


Neyo loves to lie and say he likes pussy

neyoThis man right here, likes pussy?

giphy (1)

Lie to ya moma, don’t lie to us.

Ok you know what, let’s get into:

The Five Types of Fibbers

What type of liar are you? 

1. Elaborate Liars

These are the Rachel Dolezals, the Bow Wows. These are the type of people who lie in straight delusion, they’ll have you thinking they work a corporate job when really they’re unemployed.

Every time you see them they’re in a suit, but shit not adding up because they hungry in that damn suit.


Elaborate Liars are dangerous for the most simple reason: They are trying to project an image, a reputation. And they’ll do anything to protect that.


Who are you really?

A fraud.

Reminds me of the social media liars, dressed in the best clothing, but ya know they’re kinda broke.

Below is an example of the internet niggas that love to cap all day long.

“Broke ass niggas still drinking that BelAire, can’t relate”


Whole time though, We know he feels that AIR on that ass.

Think about that picture, know someone like this?

2. White Liars

They tell little lies and don’t even notice they’re lying. White lies are usually harmless, the person who tells these types of lies loves to mix the truth in there.

“Omg yes I definitely remember you” “Let’s link up”


These are mostly harmless, you’re trying to adapt to an uncomfortable situation.

3. Pathological Liars

These mfs need help, these people are on the verge of being sociopaths. They lie about any mother fucking thing. You’re so used to this person lying, that everything goes through one ear and out the other.


You can spot this type from a MILE away. They don’t lie to hurt or for personal gain. It’s just comes out of their mouth.

It’s an illness.

4. Smooth Liars (me)

You don’t know this person is lying.


5. Circumstantial Liars

These are the people who find themselves stuck between a rock a hard place.

Times getting hard but a nigga still getting it. When you gotta lie to survive, do yo motherfucking thang.


Let’s cut the bullshit. Everybody lies.

You have to know when lying is detrimental to yourself or to others. When you lie what harm are you causing?

Think of the consequences of your lies.


Think hard and long.

Take three things away from this blog:

1. Be accountable for your words and actions. You made the bed, now lay in it.

2. You must use you intuition and be cautious, don’t get lied to.

3. Love and live your truth, whatever it is. Own it.

Say this with me one more time,

Real Bitches Tell The Truth

Real Niggas Tell The Truth 

Lie to the police.



3 thoughts on “The Five Types of Fibbers

  1. Looooovvvvvvveeeeeeee it! I hate them elaborate liars they def delusional and def are dangerous then the type to lie about a lie 🙃


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