Sensitive About OUR Sexuality: 10 Things Men Must Stop Doing

Men are animals. 

Women are their prey. 

We live in a male dominated society.

Being a man in this world…

Women’s opinions, thoughts, and attitudes are pushed under the rug. It’s like women exist, but only to a certain extent.

Ya’ll hear them, but not really.


yes, it’s true.

They don’t hear women. For years women have been told to shut their fat ass up, and what did they do?

They shut their fat ass up. 

giphy (1).gif

But those times are over, it’s a new day and age.

Women not fucking playing no mo. 


It’s time for women to take back what’s theirs, this world. Women birthed you bitches, but yet……….

They are a minority.

The intentions of this blog is not to encourage the “men vs. women” controversy, but it is to shed LIGHT on some of the pressures that women endure from men.

This blog serves as a warning, new times are approaching.

Women are becoming the outspoken specimens, women are becoming the breadwinners.

This blog serves as a rebuttal.

Men continue to give their opinions on shit that concerns women and women only.

Like wearing wigs, wearing makeup, wearing dresses. 

Do ya’ll wanna wear the shit or something?


Why do yall offer the two cents that no one asked for?


Men love to bully women.

Let a woman come out the house feeling herself just for a man to say

“why tf you got that on?”


Her feelings hurt.

The only time a man should be telling a woman what to do and how to do it , is when it comes down to fucking and sucking.


Fucking and Sucking.

That’s it.

Ladies, that’s the only thing you need to listen to.


Pleasing your man comes in all shapes and sizes.

Yes fuck him. Yes suck him.

No, don’t jeopardize your fashion, your thoughts, your values, your SEXUALITY. 

Disregard anything  niggas have to say about YOUR makeup, YOUR hair, YOUR clothing.

tenor (4)

Those type of Men are insecure. Foolish.

The choice is yours to make, never change anything about yourself to please a man.

giphy (21).gif

If he can’t accept you for how you look, or dress. He’s not for you.

See, women like to protect the male ego. Women know men are ten times more emotional than women.

You never hear women say “you should go back inside and change, you don’t think that’ll cause too much attention do you?”

We need men to STOP sexualizing women! Please stop telling women what ya’ll think is best for them.

How would men know what’s best for a bitch?

Niggas cry when they get the common cold and seriously think they can tell a bitch that bleeds for 7 days and don’t die what to do?


If you not telling her how to suck your dick, she doesn’t want to hear it!

The thing is, men are born with their bodies just like women are, but why are women’s bodies the only ones being sexualized?

giphy (24).gif

Women can’t help the titties they have, they can’t help the pussy they have.

But men, you can help by not making her feel bad for it.

Men make everything sexual, like breastfeeding. How sick is that?

Janet Jackson’s nipple made a little appearance and she was all types of hoes, and whores.

But Gucci Mane can take his shirt off and all the hoes stop breathing.


Fellas, you ever walked down the street minding your own got damn business, and heard “aye you with the average dick, two big balls, and lil dreads in the grey sweat pants, come check it out?”


You panic because this is a TOTAL stranger, you begin to hide the bulge in your grey sweatpants and start twisting your dreads out of total fear.


You’re nervous as shit, because you know if you don’t respond, this animalistic woman will lash out and call you slurs.


“Bitch” “Dingy dick ass” “Yo dick ain’t even all that big”  “You think you the shit” “Dirty dick bitch”  “Sweaty balled bastard”  “Rocky hairline having ass” “That’s why yo dick stank” “With yo ain’t shit ass” 

It’s like,


As a young man you feel violated. All because you refused to “check it out”

That’s sexual harassment.

That unwanted attention, unsolicited attention.

You never not once asked for any of that.

That’s how women feel leaving the clubs, going grocery shopping, and especially PUMPING their GAS.

Gas station niggas love you more than ya own nigga. It be ya own nigga.

When we say gas station niggas, we might as well say harassment in the same sentence

giphy (16).gif


Let her pump her 87 in peace. 93 for the bougie bitches.

She doesn’t want to be bothered.

Men, you would KNOW if a female wants your attention.

Honestly This Is How Men Think:

“She sexy as hell, she begging for me to talk to her” “She look freaky as hell, she must want me to fuck her”

“She has on this little ass dress, she begging for my attention.” “She shaking her ass, she must want me to touch it”





Check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

Just because a woman looks sexy does not mean she wants to have sex.

Stop attributing sex to everything a woman does, they have way more to offer other than their bodies.

Men must understand that a woman’s sexuality is HERS.

Which brings us here, to this particular blog. 

tenor (2).gif

Sexuality is more than sex, it’s expressed in fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles, fashion, words, thoughts, and appearance.

Women show a little nipple through her shirt and she’s automatically a hoe or she wants to be fucked, when really she just expressing herself through fashion.

Sex appeal.

Ten Things Men Must Stop Doing

  1. Stop Breathing. Just Croak.

2. Stop telling bitches what to wear! We would love if y’all stopped buying those gas station drawers that only last after one wash. Women can wear what they want, and how they want . Fashion is expression, you’re basically telling her not to express herself, where they do that at?

3. Stop Touching women when they are dancing! Now this is a biggie! Her ass shaking is not an invitation for your ashy hands to grope. Let her shake that ass in peace.

4.Stop telling women how you think they should wear THEIR hair! It’s another form of expression, we don’t care what you like really. It’s about how SHE FEELS. Period. She likes, you gotta love it.

5. Stop telling women to stay in the house. If she gone be a hoe outside she gone be a hoe inside.

Niggas can pull up to her crib just like they can pull her outside the club. It’s about a woman’s integrity. And women, stop bragging like staying in the house deserves an award, you can still get cheated on.

6. Stop telling women to stop wearing makeup! Now this one is annoying, bitches gone do them regardless and y’all still gone fuck whether her face full of makeup or if it’s a bare face.

7. Stop telling women to tone it down! If she has a personality, let her SHINE! You want her to tone it down for what? Because you’re uncomfortable with yourself sir.

8. Stop thinking that women do things for the attention of men. Y’all really think bitches out here breathing for y’all? No, we move for ourselves, we do what we like, and what we feel. 9. Stop the gas station harassment. Please just tend to your Monte Carlo and leave the bitch alone. If you not paying and pumping she doesn’t want to be bothered.

10. Last but not least, STOP the CAT CALLING. “aye you” “Damn Ma” “wassup baby” Those are not her names! That’s harassment! It’s disrespectful! They’re not responding, you look desperate and hungry.

Now one thing I must say, tell that bitch to sit down if she comes out the house looking like this……

You deserved what’s coming to you hoe.

In all seriousness, please let women live!

Stop judging them for looking sexy, posting sexy pictures, for how they dress, for how they choose to wear their hair, for the makeup they wear, for their opinions!

Enough is enough.

You big balled bastards have so much to say with little dicks and receding hairlines.

Leave women tf alone!

This is a man’s world for now, but women are ready to takeover.

Watch the fuck out.

Men are too Sensitive about Women’s Sexuality. 

We shooting niggas with opinions.

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3 thoughts on “Sensitive About OUR Sexuality: 10 Things Men Must Stop Doing

  1. I laughed the entire time. Whether and exaggeration or not, it’s all truth here! I love this sis! Thank you for sharing with me and shining a light on the character of certain men. I don’t believe they are all like this but many of them are.


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