White Womanly Devils

If you’ve chosen me then you’re in for some scary shit. 

Black Men Dating Outside Of Their Race.

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That’s some scary shit.

To the black men that do in fact date outside of their race, you don’t know your history.

Just keepin it one thou wow.

YOU’RE SIMPLY: img_4489

“The common enemy is the White [WO]Man”-Malcolm X

If you think we’re living in a post racial society, you better think again.We all know that racism still exists, it’s everywhere: your favorite restaurants, favorite Tv shows, favorite sports bar…..it’s everywhere.

It’s disheartening seeing a Black man fall into the sunken place.

It’s like seeing Marques Houston turning into a Jehovah Witness or ordering your Harold’s chicken with the sauce on the side.

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What are you gonna gain from it?

What do Black Men gain from dating white women? Besides water casseroles, and submissiveness.


What white women have to offer in comparison to what a black women have to offer is like comparing apples and oranges.

There is no comparison. BLACK women are the Supreme, white women are everything in between.

 giphy (13).gif

“this blog is racist”

Black People CAN NOT be racist, we don’t have the power to be oppressive.



White woman have a long history of setting up black men, lying on black men, defying them because of their blackness.

The Emmett Till Case is the epitome of a white woman.

And that white bitch still breathing to this day.

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This blog is not saying that all white women are racist, it’s simply stating that they profit off of their White Supremacy.

Is it their fault?

Yes, they can make a change. But instead they remain silent in their privilege.

You see black men, they don’t love you like black women do. And they never will.

Being black comes with oppression, they can never feel what a black woman feels.

They don’t love you, they fetishize you.


LoL, They love your dick. Not your blackness.

They don’t compliment a black man’s ability to provide, ability to nurture, ability to create or ability to love. They speak of sex. Black dick.

That’s why when a black man gets shot down in the streets those white devils turn into Helen Keller, Pootie Tang, MIMES.

tenor (6)

Quiet as kept.

But there is a certain type of Black Man that even goes after White Womanly Devils……

A weak one.

giphy (16).gif

The closest thing a Black Man can feel to being white, is dating white.


The closet thing a black man will get to feeling “socially priveleged” is by dating outside their race.

Save Kanye. Pray for Kanye. 

Black men crave that status. A white woman is a form of success, TO THEM.


“Once he get on, he leave yo ass for a white girl”

giphy (18).gif

But is status the only thing a black male craves from these White Devils?


 White Women are easy. Easy peasy lemon fucking squeezy.

That’s your ‘little snow bunny’, until ya’ll arguing and she calls you a “nasty nigger”

giphy (21).gif

A BLACK man that chooses outside of his race loses.

“Tolerating” a black woman is just too damn hard for them to do. 


We birthed you bitches.

Put some respect on Black Women names.

Black women are the creators of life. They bring soul, power, and energy. They are strong women who won’t be silenced. A threat to a weak Black Man.

White women if you’re reading this I mean this in the most DISRESPECTFUL way.

You love that jungle fever, but not that jungle.

Black men are looked at as animals in this society, scrutinized and left for dead.

Who has always unconditionally supported black men?

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it.

Black Women.


 The Most Disrespected Person in America Is Still the Black Woman.

Black women have always been the black man’s rib. Just so they can “pull an OJ”.

The type of Black men that date outside of their race, are in fact fragile, weak, insecure, and oblivious.

How can the Black Race come together when they seek approval from the Whites? 

Because honestly, BLACK people are THE chosen race……..


Taught the Whites how to bathe, cook, clean. 

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

To the Kanyes, and the OJs…. you are sell outs.

When you sell out, you sell your soul. Sell yourself Short.

Dating White” is saying White Supremacy is in fact Okay.

Black Men, WAKE UP.


This is some scary shit.

Black men are embarrassed, they know they’re wrong. You see him in public with his white devil and he looks at you:


It’s like you date white women who want to be Black Women.

tenor (6).gif

Let’s add that up.

The Kardashian Klan for instance:

The Kardashians Are Witches.


We know this, they captivate Black Men, by mixing a spell with 1/2 appropriation and 1/2 plastic surgery.



They are obsessed with black culture, black men, black music, black fashion, black babies.

That’s very strange.

These bitches get it how they live. They are very nasty, and use black men to their advantage to portray a certain urban image. They capitalize off appropriation. 


Black dick in your tummy don’t make you black sweetie.

Kim K didn’t want Kanye until he reached a certain status. 

 Do black men care about the strange appropriation of the Kardashians?

No, they see them as sex symbols and that’s that.

The Kardashians play into the beauty standard, how Black men perceive Black women as the lesser beauty standard is bewildering.

These white bitches want full lips, thick thighs, and a fat ass.

giphy (20).gif

Let’s blame Black Men for not knowing their history, and for adding to the White Supremacy system.

It’s deeper than dating and fucking white women.

Be Mad White Women. 

200 (2).gif

Until White Women address white supremacy, dating black men will NEVER be okay.


What are you gonna gain from dating outside of your race Black Men?



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24 thoughts on “White Womanly Devils

    1. Sounds like you’re part of the problem honestly. This article has nothing to do whites speaking out against racism. It’s simply about “black women are the best” blah blah bullshit. Who tf cares honestly. Get over it. Nothing you say in this blog is gonna change anything. People like different things? Damn girl 🙄


  1. Okay, you have articles about women empowerment but you’re talking down upon all white WOMEN with this article here… you’re wack. You sound insecure and bitter. 🚮


  2. You’re literally just talking a bunch of shit about white women and about black men that date white women… idk sounds pretty god damn racist to me… so my boyfriend is only dating me because he’s weak? And im only dating him for his dick? Lmao girl, 🤦🏻‍♀️ Get. It. Together. Your article is messy. If you were only asking white women to stand up against racism why is there so much hatred in this article towards white women? I have no issue with standing against racism or speaking against it. But i damn sure am not less of a woman than you are just because my skin is white.


  3. You are extremely small minded. Im the furthest thing from a racist.. so ur barking up the wrong tree with this shit. And yes, i believe cops killing innocent people is absolutely fucked up. You just lost all ur white friends though for some clout. Congrats. ✌🏼


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