The Three Types of Broke Boyz

It’s a nigga right now that owes me $300.

(if you reading this cash app me my shit, $DiamondBell)

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If anybody owes you anything, even if it’s $1 collect your money.

It’s the principle.


Seeing as though men LOVE to associate their worth with their financial earnings, the two have a strong correlation.

If he’s ugly, if he’s  short, even if he’s dumb,  his MONEY will compensate.

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But let a woman be ugly………………….


When a bitch ugly, it’s over for her.

Money and Men go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

When money is missing, there is a void. 

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Their masculinity is threatened.

They have a feeling of emptiness, defeat, hopelessness.

You just like a bitch with no ass, you ain’t got shit.


They Ultimately feel like shit. img_4363


Men have historically been the bread winners in the household, you know the ones who put food on the table.

But nowadays niggas don’t have the food or the table


It’s unfortunate.

But Why bash men for being broke? 

It’s real life.

We have men that get taken care of by women, we get men that use women for copious things, paying phone bills, paying for his food, buying underwear, using her wifi, “borrowing her car”, using her shavers, paying for his weed, or even going HALF & HALF every time they go out.



You may think these women are have a mental illness, but when love is BLIND, IT IS BLIND.


Back to Broke Boys, Why do y’all insist on settling for mediocrity?

Life is hard.

It’s even harder when you’re BROKE.


You really getting too old for this shit.

The bond with money is much stronger with men than it is with women. 

And it’s not because women don’t like money, saying that is just idiocy.

It’s the simple fact that:



Men mainly look at money like a reflection of their self-worth, pride and dignity.

Women mainly look at money like security and stability. 

You hear “broke boy” but you never hear “broke girl”

Ladies we finally have one up on these niggas.

Men are inevitably sensitive.

If they are down on money, they feel it in their spirit.


If they are broke, they feel that shit in their chest.


Men are coined as providers.


Providers provide.

Once you take money away from a man, you take his soul.

giphy (4).gif

Once his spirit and soul is gone how can he even function? Let alone function in a relationship?

Don’t let a broke nigga get near you.

He comes with too much: hurt, despair, ambiguity.


ooooh he can’t stand himself.

Anger is also an onset of being broke. He’s not right mentally so he takes it out on you per say.

tenor (2).gif
Oh yeah, cheating is another side effect of being broke.

He’s not happy, and what do men do when they’re unhappy?


You really thought his empty pockets was gone stop him from swinging his dick ?


I mean did you really?

He’s trying to compensate that new coochie for those empty pockets. (most likely using his side bitch too for food and shelter)

(Most niggas cheat, at least find you a  man with a bag)

Pick your struggle sis.

But they ARE NOT broke boys because God came down and appointed them to that task.

That’s not my God.

Blaming God or your environment won’t fly.


BROKE BOYS ARE BROKE because they lack: motivation, dedication, hope, faith, drive.

If all else fails, SELL YOUR ASS.

Sell that dick boy.


That’s a hustle.

A man invites you out to eat and acts like he’s not hungry or acts like he’s a vegetarian, so he orders water and lettuce to go.

He probably just fell on hard times just like anyone else.

AT least YOU ate good.

That’s a man.

There’s a HUGE difference between a man that’s trying and a man that’s lying.

Ladies please spot the difference in a man that’s trying to get some money vs. a man that’s depending on you.

Never let a nigga ride your wave

This blog is NOT TO BASH, but to enlighten.

Men who lack motivation, drive, and dedication will LACK MONEY as well.

There’s niggas out there right now blaming the white man for THEIR lack of success.


We live in White America, we know this man.

But what if Diddy, Russell Simmons, Jay Z, or even Obama stayed blaming the system.

The system exists! But how long will you blame it?

Sitting around moping won’t get you far.

I need all the broke boys to tell me why they are in fact broke?

We can’t hear you over the excuses.


The Broke Boy Trio:





The Broke Bastard is honestly not most men, these men REALLY are broke. You feel bad for these types. He’s basically homeless.

He’s a bastard because he’s a despicable person, let’s be honest. This is the type of nigga that has no home training, he has the balls to ask a bitch for some head but never ever ever ever throw her some bread.

Maybe he’s a good babysitter for the kids, or a great cook? He really doesn’t have much to offer.

This is the type of nigga that is an opportunist. He is looking for food and shelter, and any woman that is willing to give it to him,

He’s looking for the home his parents could never give him; a Bastard.

giphy (1).gif

This is the type of nigga that is looking to be TAKEN CARE of. He lacks ambition, drive, and motive.

He’s looking for a come up and it just might be yo ass.



The Broke Bitch is rare, very rare. These are the type of niggas who have money, but don’t want to share it. CHEAP. A frugal ass nigga. They actually disgust me.

Most of these type of men don’t want to spend or share their money on women for the sake of looking like a “goofy”. Please run from these type.

What type of bitch ass nigga thinks that spending money on women  is equal to being a sucker?

A Broke Bitch, that’s who.

download (1)

He’s nothing but a Bitch, who doesn’t see the value of pleasing a woman by wining and dining.


The Broke Bluffer is THE MOST COMMON type of Broke Boy. This is the type of broke boy every female has dealt with.

The man that doesn’t want to say “I’m broke” “I’m worthless”. The man that doesn’t want to own up to his brokeness, so what does he do instead?

He embarrasses himself.  

He asks you to borrow money, that you’ll NEVER see again, he asks you to go out on dates that YOU end up paying for, he asks you to use your car and for YOU to fill that bitch up, he asks you to match a blunt with him. (knowing you don’t even match your bra and panties)

He’s an asker. He’s a borrower. He’s a sometimes broke boy, sometimes he has money, sometimes he doesn’t. He’s a “I’ll see what I can do” type of Broke Boy.

giphy (3).gif

But you do all of this out of love, he’ll eventually come up on some money and split the profit with you right?


Don’t hold your breath, you’ll die bitch. 

giphy (4).gif

The difference between the bastard and the bluffer is one knows his reality and the other one is delusional.


The bluffer is broke, yet indeed he lives his life as if he isn’t. Ordering the mfin steak and lobster on your tab, the bastard knows to stick to his happy meal or else he’s in danger of losing his shelter.


What have we learned today?

Niggas act like they got it, but really don’t.

Niggas are really homeless out here.

Niggas act like bitches these days and don’t want to share the wealth.

If you don’t want to be called a “broke boy” STOP using your money to define yourself.

Money does not make you, but your endurance, motivation, and will power does.

Broke Boyz are NEVER respected. 



Stop making excuses for being a poor excuse for a man. This world is full of opportunities.

Research, plan, dream. 


Stop embarrassing these women for your lack of success.

She gotta cover her face in the restaurant and shit because you broke.

200 (1).gif


Women stop protecting the ego of these men. Find a man with DRIVE, and the money will come. 

Being a man is being real with yourself, your finances, and your woman.



Ya’ll Broke as fuck. lol


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