Are Your Standards TOO HIGH?: 8 Standards You MUST Set when Dating

  1. Dick is bomb √
  2. Street and Book Smart √
  3. Funny as fuck √
  4. Loyal to you, like a nigga is to his barber √
  5. Job Secured √
  6. But Tall? img_3484

The nigga shorter than a vine video, so you choose to dismiss him even though every other quality is met.

Y’all just can’t give short niggas a chance huh?


I guess not.

But a nigga with felonies, three baby mommas, no life insurance, and gas stations drawers comes along, and everything is cool as long as he 6’2.

You a dumb motherfucka.

So height is a deal breaker?

Damn Judge Judy, You STRICT as Hell. 


Silly shit like that will leave you lonely, looking stupid.


Don’t cut someone off because their pinky toe is longer than their other ones.

High Standards will leave you High alright, high and dry.

Having Standards is not the issue, but please choose your standards wisely.

If you don’t have ANY standards you will settle.

One more time for the fun time:


So have standards, but be reasonable bitch. 

Shallow: You have little to no depth.

It’s basically you judging your partner strictly off the qualities YOU want them to have.

You don’t factor in anything else, only the qualities YOU are seeking in them.

Settling: You choose a lower standard.

You opt out for a lower grade of quality than what you ACTUALLY want.

You aren’t able or willing to satisfy your set out needs so you choose the lesser.

Most of the time, people not only women list qualitifications for a partner that they don’t carry themselves.

So you say you want a nigga with a career making six figures, got his own house, no kids, fine with a beard, 6’2, driving a foreign nothing boring, AND he has to be LOYAL?

Aye, when you find him please let me know. 

Meanwhile, you have no job, you selling Tummy tea on IG, you stay with your friends y’all sleeping on cots singing lullabies and playing patty cake, you are edgeless, and driving a car where you have to manually roll up the windows, and ya pussy kinda stink.
So how Bitch? How? Tell me how! 

You don’t even have standards for yourself, but you want a nigga that comes with all of thattttt?

giphy (1).gif

Make sure your standards can equate or surpass what you’re looking for in your partner!

That’s called reality. Being real with with yourself first.


So before you ask for loyalty, ask yourself “Self, am I even loyal?”

Before you request your partner to have all their shit together, ask yourself “Self do I have all MY shit together?”


So let’s take a break and get a little snack:

I’m thinking HUMBLE PIE.

Humble yourself sweetie. 

Remember I’m not telling you to settle, but to be REALISTIC. 

Ask yourself, what Am I bringing to the table besides being fine and warm vagina?


And vice versa ?

What do you niggas have to offer besides head, headaches, and hard dick???

tenor (1).gif

Nothing, as I thought.

Now that we’ve gotten that out the way………

8 Standards YOU MUST Request from your Partner

1. Loving/caring (please make sure this mf actually givesssss a fuck, that’s number one!) If he doesn’t show any GENUINE interest in you, then the other standards don’t even matter.

2. Loyal! He can not have it his way with you, “You are the ONE. Everybody else is 2’s and 3’s.”


3. INCOME tf, if he not working then he’s working your nerves. 
4. If you not fine, something has to be attractive about you (demeanor, style, swag, je ne sais quoi)

5. I’m sorry, but nigga you gotta have a car. Tf we gone do? Stop playing in her face if you don’t have a car.

6. Thoughtful. Buy her flowers,  do little cute shit at RANDOM.

7. NO HAIR ON YOUR FUCKING CHEST. I’ll throw up on you Bitch. 

8. SEX, S.E.X. Please beat this pussy up, lil shawty no flex. Put me to the test. Please make my legs shake, make this fucking bed break, make my booty gain weight.


Is settling really, THAT BAD?

We get told everyday, don’t settle when it comes to love, money, or life in general.

But when reality is indeed reality, settling happens to A LOT of people.

See, everyone is not built to overcome and some people do INDEED settle.

For Example,

Women end up unhappy with a man because they thought it was all rainbows and kisses when this nigga came into their life and had that SACK.


That Bag on him.


You fucking with a nigga for money, that’s what your relationship will be based off.

He doesn’t even know how to touch you, but he does know how to throw hush money your way. He’s buying you.

(same with a career, don’t stay anywhere just for money)

You miserable, he doesn’t give you that little tingle.

Ciara for instance, she settled for the “good guy.” Knowing for a fact that she misses that feeling those hood niggas gave her.

She settled.


Settling isn’t all about choosing someone who is broke, and doesn’t have their shit together.

It’s also about choosing someone who DOESN’T make you feel good.

Choosing someone who doesn’t put something in your life. Who is boring, who doesn’t express their love. Who is just THERE. IS in fact Settling.


Even if they have all of the other shit yo goofy ass requested, if he doesn’t make you feel good,

What’s the point?

Recognize the difference between someone who doesn’t have their shit together and ISN’T trying to get their shit together vs. someone who is TRYING!

Please don’t fall in love with potential. YUCK.

He gone potentially fuck your life up.

So, I say ALL of this to say be realistic when setting standards.

It’s ok to Set your standards, but make sure you can abide by those same standards.

Are you “that bitch” that deserves “that nigga”?

What is it that you really want from a man or from a woman?
Be real with yourself first.

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