"6 Steps on Detecting a F*ckboy"

We all knew niggas wasn’t shit when Ruben Studdard released “Sorry for 2004” in 2003, ya know apologizing in advance.

It’s time to drag the niggas that ain’t shit, will never be shit, full of shit, gone die ain’t shit.

Just Shitty Niggas. 

If this don't apply, let the shit fly!!!!!

“Women that bash men are bitter”


This is completely false. Women make observations off the actions of men.


Be better men.

Men like to paint the picture of women being hurt, sad, angry, or even BITTER over their “aint shit ass”

This might actually be true, but WOMEN only react off what’s done to them. How can you blame her for feeling hurt, sad, angry or even BITTER when you’re the one that ain’t shit?

Let’s take a moment and take this all in.

If you’re not shit,

I need you to reveal yourself.

1 (1)

Reveal yourself.


Do it!


SAY : “My name is ________ and I am a fuckboy.


Pull up a chair. 


Professional help.

A bitch broke your heart in the 5th grade and you’ve been a savage ever since. You’re not a savage, you’re actually weak.

Hurt people, Hurt people.

Men are so fucked up not only by being hurt by little Susie in the 5th grade, but trying to live up to society’s definition of what a man is.

You’re told to have all these hoes. You’re told to be unemotional. You’re told that it’s okay to cheat.You’re told that you must take a woman through hell in order to have real love.


You’re a fuckboy and it’s not totally your fault.


You’re fucked up,

But you go wrong when you don’t realize that you have issues, and when you don’t realize this, you project your issues on the women in your life.

Not saying that these bitches don’t have deep seeded issues, but most of the time women aren’t the ones manipulating, cheating, or lying.



Debate your mother.

But I digress,


Back to the warning signs of these type of demons.

Realize that fuckboys are fucked up……………on the inside.

These type of men are toxic, they are unsure of themselves and it shows. They walk around with more insecurities than Lil Kim, but they’re quiet as kept about them.

Fuckboys=Emotionally Damaged Little Boys 


Men can’t be vulnerable in a society like ours, so their hidden emotions and insecurities turn into hyper masculinity and disrespect towards women.


They don’t know how to control their emotions, express themselves, accept their flaws, or approach their insecurities.

Their pride and ego are in the way.

EGO, the male ego is super fragile.

Men can’t take half of the shit women take.

Most fuckboys  are incomplete as men, reasons why they string along 2 or 3 women at a time to fill that void.

They have an icebox where their heart used to be.

giphy (2).gif
You sung this


  1. If you have to question this gentlemen, then yes. Yes you are a fuckboy.
  2. What are your insecurities? YOU HAVE THEM. You’re human. Not knowing your insecurities will not only fuck you over but it’ll fuck over your potential relationships. I need you to own it, realize that you have problems and work on a plan to fix them. Self- Reflect. OWN UP. evil-kermit.jpg
  3. How do you treat women? Are you honest with them? dave-chappelle-gif-23.gifI said, ARE YOU HONEST WITH THEM? When you lie, you lie to yourself. Make sure your intentions are pure. That’s number one, a fuckboy is a man whose actions don’t match his words. Keep it one thou wow with the bitch, what do you have to lose? REAL NIGGAS DON’T GOTTA LIE!



1.Watch Him. Watch his ass.


What he says, what he does. Does his words match his actions? Learn his body language, this is how you’ll know when he’s lying,

Did he take two extra breaths when you asked him something? When he’s with you he does a lot of sweet talking, but them actions tho? Them actions!

Note everything sis. 

2. Red flags. There is always warning before destruction.If you’re feeling uncomfortable or uneasy with him, THAT’S A RED FLAG.

If he’s a liar, he’ll always be one. If he’s a cheater, he’ll always be one. If he’s sneaky, he’ll always be sneaky. You catch my drift?

What you accept now, you’ll regret later.

If you don’t pay attention to the signs now, the destruction will hit you like a ton of bricks.

God or the universe is trying to warn you that this nigga aint shit but…….

3. “What I gotta lie to you for”  “You acting crazy””Believe what you want” “If you say so”


Sure, you’re “acting crazy.” He’s playing victim. Those phrases are real signs of fuckboys. They are dismissive to you and your feelings. Hit you with the “you tweaking”

Let’s tie it all together.

Fuckboys Are

1. Dismissive. They make your feelings invalid. “I’m not trying to hear none of that shit you talking about”

2. Manipulative. Sweet talk you to get their way. “Baby I’m sorry, you know I didn’t mean it” eatthecake2.gif

3. Self-Indulgent: As long as their needs are met, everything is A-ok with the relationship.

giphy (1).gif

4. Distant. Their communication is off, they hit you up when they feel like it. RUN from this type. tumblr_ntwpvcDwxa1u8n1gro2_250.gif

5. Liars. The easiest to spot out, please don’t fall for the okie dokie. If it seems fishy, BITCH IT IS.

6. Victims. The blame game, they love to point fingers. They blame it allllll on YOU.

Somehow you’re the one that ends up apologizing and sucking his dick & balls like you’re the one that fucked up.

If you encounter a fuckboy of if you are indeed a fuckboy, it’s deeper than the surface. This young man is emotionally scarred and SIS you can’t fix him.


But if you are a fuckboy, ask yourself why? Why am I not shit? Do you fit any of the criteria mentioned above? 


Be a man. Own up to your faults. Put your pride to the side. Treat women better. Love yourself King. 


Don’t let a fuck nigga, fuck with ya.

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