VALUE OF THE V: 5 Tips on #P*ssyPower

 Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin’ pussy. 


You know,


ya know.


It’s a delicacy, a gift to this earth. 

You carrying about a billion dollars worth of pussy on you right now and you don’t even know it.


You’re fully loaded miss lady. Armed with a deadly weapon.

But you bitches don’t realize this. 

When I say pussy I mean women in general. Their light, their being.

Women are always the prize. Women can give life. Women are next to GOD.

If you think I’m exaggerating, stop reading right here.


Too many times, women allow men to strip them of their power. But in reality women have all of the power and give it to these niggas. But why?

You’ve been socialized to do so.

Where would men be without women?

Somewhere hungry and horny.

Looking stupid.

Women are always the topic of conversation. In music, in locker rooms. Men love women and hate women at the same time.

That lil pussy, gives you power.

We are NOT talking about fucking, haven’t even mentioned sex. 

We are talking about your


You have the right to have high standards, you have the right to have a voice, but you must understand your value, and the value of the V. 


Niggas ain’t shit. We know this.

But we don’t act like it, We act like niggas are THE SHIT.

Men do everything to appeal to women. The nice clothes, nice cars, the bigen on their haircuts.

InsecureFaroffBuck-size_restricted (1).gif

It’s all for the approval of the opposite sex.

But women are too emotional and dumb to realize this.


For example,

Women bicker with other women about men. Fighting for his approval like he’s God’s gift to this earth.

AEkpts (1).gif

Dumb and dumber.

And Again,

Bitches love to please these men and forget about their own needs. Women stay in toxic and stagnant relationships when its only benefiting the man, but driving the woman completely insane.

tenor (13).gif

This ONLY happens when a bitch don’t know her value, her worth.

Your pussy is a prize in itself. 

Once a female realizes that she has pussy power, she will know how to move.

Men love women. Well most men. They love pussy. They can barley resist women.


But when the pussy becomes too available the value of it depreciates, it becomes nothing to them. They begin to treat women like objects, pieces of meat.

They treat women like they’re disposable.

tenor (12).gif

And can you blame them?

Women require the bare minimum from these niggas.

Men: Come down here I got some hard dick and bubble gum for you.

Women: Did somebody say Juicy Fruit? tumblr_o19graxFUy1rc7zl1o1_400.gif

You bitches have no standards. If he supplying the dick, you got the coochie.


And just like that you’re satisfied. You don’t require much but a nut and a “wyd”

Make him take you out!  Once you allow him to have you sitting up watching him play 2k all day, that’s what y’all gone be doing from here on out!


tenor (15).gif

A bitch with no standards is just a warm pussy ready to get fucked and fucked over. 

Men have other needs, as much as we like to think otherwise.

When you reduce yourself to your pussy, they reduce you to your pussy as well.


You become small to him.

If they can get it anywhere, here, or there, what else are you doing for him?

Make him work for you…………… and your pussy.

Pussy is a commodity. Men wouldn’t pay for it, if it didn’t have value.

Let’s add this up:

You fucking this clown and can’t even get him to grab you a backwood and wildwood from the gas station.


Put your thinking cap on,

Pussy can’t be your only hustle. That shit everywhere.

Of course he wants to know what it’s like to fuck you. Make him WORK.

I’m not only talking about financial gains. (that’s always a plus tho)

giphy (25)


Make him want to know more about you, your favorite food, your interests, your deepest thoughts.

Offer him advice, make suggestions for his lifestyle. That’ll stick with him forever.

Have him crave you and not just your pussy.


He’ll tell his homies:

this bitch actually respects herself”.


Men can spot a weak female with low self-worth a mile away. They can see if you don’t value yourself. They know when you set the standards low.

If they don’t have to work hard, THEY WON’T.


If you’re looking to be loved, you gone have to give up something more than that coochie lil mama.

Your pussy is everything, and nothing at the same time.

Use your pussy power correctly.

Here’s how:

  1. First you have to know what type of bitch you are. This is called self-worth. Realize that you are a woman, who requires attention, affection, and acknowledgment. giphy (29).gif
  2. Set standards from the JUMP. A nigga only gone do what you allow them to do. So let his ass know you ain’t going for none of that shit, you ain’t having it.tumblr_m8ejbqnwVq1qkdh9eo3_500.gif
  3. List out those standards, do you even know what you want?
  4. “Pretend your vagina is worth something of VALUE. Pretend it’s a $700 bill. Would you give a man $700 who has done nothing for you and doesn’t plan on doing anything for you in the future?” giphy (30).gif
  5. NEVER SETTLE. You have what niggas WANT. Supply and demand bitch.

If he can’t follow your rules, he CAN’T fuck you. Period! He can’t have you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and DEFINITELY CAN’T HAVE YOU SEXUALLY!

This is not about waiting to fuck. Because honestly that doesn’t matter. If a man looks at you differently because you decided to fuck him “soon” then he looks at himself like that. He fucked you “soon” too.

This is about women not knowing their power, their position in society.

Niggas ain’t gotta do shit but offer you a 4 for 4


and look at you, you ready to give him your bank card, SSI check, car, house keys and your PUSSY.

Men would worship the ground women walked on if WOMEN knew how much power they actually had.

Harriet Tubman said: “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.


Women have vaginas,  commodities.

Women have it, men want it and they’ll do anything to get it. 

Good pussy + standards + self-worth + your entity = A bad Bitch.

tenor (9).gif

A nigga can’t tell you shit once you’ve figured out the formula and cooked it up in the Pyrex.

It might take some trials and testimonies to realize your self worth.

Let’s take Ciara for instance:

She dated Bow Wow,

She dated Missy,

She dated 50,







She dated Future,


Until she realized her self worth. It’s not easy, but you’ll get there!

Value your pussy, value yourself. 

Set standards! Set boundaries! Never settle! 

And remember,

tenor (7)

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