5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last…

Oh, the Joy of waking up to those Good Morning Texts!

“Good Morning Beautiful” 


“Wake Up Bitch” 


You send her “Good Morning Beautiful” EVERY morning, bring her Chipotle, send her twos and fews on Squarecash, show up outside her window with the radio on ya neck, call her to check on her dying grandma.

Showing complete and utter interest in this bitch, basically SUCKING HER ASS……..and she curves you, over & over & over & over again.



But Here’s Why:

It’s not your fault guys, your mom raised you right, the type of guy to have the utmost respect for females. The type of guy to cater to his woman, you are for the most part emotionally expressive too, EVERYTHING women THINK they want!

But why hasn’t the respect you have for women gotten you anywhere?


You sit and mark, I’ve done nothing but shown interest in this bitch and she playing me like I ain’t worth shit! It’s not you, it’s her.

It’s something wrong with these bitches! 

You doing this is that for this brat and meanwhile she’s skipping to her fuckboy’s house for some dick.

Watch the goofy bitch go:


Women must do better, it’s good men out here, but most rather deal with the “BAD” boys.

The fuck niggas that like to play you like a fiddle, don’t even know your middle name, your birthday, your goals, your wishes, but I bet he knows what that pussy feels like!

giphy (14)


This good guy is ready to risk it all for you.

giphy (16).gif

But you won’t let him.

But why are you so turned off? Why does his efforts go unnoticed?

Why are you ready to throw up every time he hits you up? What is it?

Why do nice guys inevitably finish last?

5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last 


Are you too soft for the bitch? Women love a man that can take control, make decisions, choke her a lil bit. If she has to decide where to eat, where to go for your next date, or make ALL the decisions, it’s a TURN OFF.

Take control, be the alpha male in the relationship. DON’T BE A YES MAN. Do not and I repeat do not agree with everything this lil bitch has to say, take that power back.  IF SHE SEES A SUCKA, SHE GONE LICK IT. 


Don’t get ROBBed.


Are you a little insecure but you don’t know it? This type of Nice Guy starts off as very caring to women. It’s his insecurity disguised as “you really going out in that” “you’re always spending time with your friends, spend more with me”

giphy (18).gif

He sounds caring right? or Overbearing. An insecure man nags, and nags. But he disguises his insecurity as being “nice” and “caring” OR an insecure man loves and I mean loves to buy you gifts! He buys bitches, to keep them around to compensate for his flaws, his lameness, his insecurities. They are also VERY NEEDY.


It’s not your fault nice guys, these bitches don’t know what they want. They kinda wanna have their cake and eat it too. They love the fact that the nice guys are there when they need them, but hate the fact that the nice guys are TOO AVAILABLE. They are lost in the sauce, rather keep you around and still play the field with the fuckboys.

They know you’re the ultimate choice but can’t let go of that thrill from the BAD BOY. Temptation is eating them alive, they feel like they’re missing out on SOMETHIN.


LADIES, Stop leading him on!

IF you wanna continue to play the goofy for these fuck niggas then go ahead, leave the good guys out of your story-line!


Are you boring her to DEATH, my nigga? KEEP HER ON HER TOES! Females don’t like to feel stagnant in a relationship, they love the thrill of shit! Spontaneous shit. Take her to the bathroom mid-conversation and do something to her, go on a high speed chase with the police, SWITCH IT UP, pull out a gun and let her touch it! Bitches love shit like that trust me.

tenor (3).gif


Yes ladies, yes, You might not know this, but your subconscious is SCREAMING. It’s screaming HELP ME. So many women are used to things turning sour in relationships, they think that YOU are too good to be true. Why is this man so nice to me?

Some women are so used to being treated like shit they can’t recognize a king when they see one. 

They are afraid to take that extra step of taking you serious because of their past relationships, because of the men in their past. So when you do nice things for them they constantly question it…. FOR ME?

giphy (21).gif

Yes, for you bitch.

So to the good guys out there, you should probably self reflect? There is a such thing as being too nice when its not met with the same energy.

tenor (2)

Know your worth KINGS.

Don’t bend over backwards for a bitch that ain’t bending over for you.

Women are manipulators too, disguised as sex appeal. #PussyPower

Men please be dominant, or at least act like you’re dominant.

You have to know when to move around when your efforts are being abused and unappreciated.

You’re a GOOD GUY.

tenor (4).gif

Ladies, you sit and wonder why you can’t find love, why you are constantly getting played. Well girlie, you MUST pick a different type of man.

The type of man that cares, shows you he cares, and tells you he cares. ACTIONS & WORDS.

You can not continue to go after the same type of man and expect different results.

Don’t run to the nice guy when it’s too late. giphy (20).gif

Asking him to save you, HE WAS TOO NICE REMEMBER?

I’m not here to force anyone to date outside of their comfort zone, but here to ENCOURAGE expanding your horizon, try being treated good for once and see how it feels.

Guys, be careful.

These bitches get nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

They know who they’re dealing with.  They know you’re a nice guy.


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