Faking the Funk for Social Media:7 Tips for Healthy Escapism


*Record Scratches* 



YUP that’s me, William Roberts, you’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

Not that anyone cares that Rick Ross was once a correctional opp, but when asked about his PAST life, this young man decided to LIE and DENY…………………..

So what is the truth?


“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”

Which brings us to SOCIAL MEDIA and it’s fraudulent perceptions.

When you get on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter you see everyone living their best lives.

giphy (3).gif

So it seems, but let’s not forget that people know the real you

Your Real Life. 


But I know something about you

This guy’s a gangster? His real name’s Clarence

And Clarence lives at home with both parents
And Clarence’s parents have a real good marriage”

A bunch of Clarences on Social Media, faking the funk. We’re on to you.

Why do we feel the need brag, boast, and gloat about our lives on social media? Why do we broadcast our accomplishments, but whisper our downfalls on the internet?

We are human after all right? And shit happens.

But STATUS. The idea of being socially ranked as “that bitch” or “that nigga” has consumed the fertile minds of EVERYONE.

Social media has become escapism for everyone, it’s no longer the internet.

Issa Drug. 

You log onto Social Media, you see the likes, you see the views, you see the RTs and you immediately think you’re doing well in your life.


“Damnnnn, I got over 200 likes” “Omg I have these many followers” “Wow I’m so loved”



Social Media is giving y’all the attention that your single mother never could. 

Those likes and those RTs?  THAT AIN’T SHIT!

Not one of those likes, RTs, or followers put money in your pocket. You have to stop equating “feeling good” to “doing good”.

People get to escape from their life troubles when they log on to the internet, because on the internet everyone has a PLATFORM.

Everyone can voice and post their opinions & pictures and feel special.


But did you mfs forget that you’re on the boot list, did you forget that your car note is two months behind, did you forget that you and your bitch cuddle up on an air mattress at night, what about that bitch Sallie Mae?

This blog a little too loud for you?

Say another motherfuckin word and this shit is over 

Sorry, but turn that music down, I know you hear your engine knocking.

This topic is not for you to be discouraged in your life, but it’s for you to LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

Don’t do it for the gram unless you’re actually doing it in real life. 


giphy (11).gif

What’s your reality?  Can you even tell what’s real or fake anymore?

Social media is full of Bow Wow challenges.

giphy (12)

IT’S NOT REAL. Say it with me:


We see everyone living their best lives, we see the money, we see the clothes, the jewelry, the cars, the parties and we automatically assume that they have some type of POWER and SOCIAL RANKING.

You begin to contemplate yourself “Am I not doing enough?” What am I doing wrong?”

giphy (5)

When really those people are sleeping on a cot, their air conditioner doesn’t work in their car, the IRS is currently on their main line,

But really you don’t know what they did to get that money.

Did they do something strange for a lil piece of change to live like that?


We don’t know, we only see and assume.




Let’s add that up. 

It’s beginning to fuck with our perceptions of ourselves. People that are not on social media 24/7 are actually happier. Did you know that?

Check your mental health. We’re worried. We’re concerned. We’re scared.

You either feel like a celebrity from your likes or RTs or feel like a lame because of the lack of likes and RTs. Both are extremely UNHEALTHY. 

Omg I didn’t get any likes on this picture! Am I ugly? 

Bitch you might be

But really social media is all made up. It’s all perception.

You wanna know how I know it’s perception?

People will follow and converse with you on social media all day long, see you in person and don’t even speak.


What type of weirdo shit is that?

Put the phone DOWN. Put it down.

7 Ways for Healthy Escapism 

  1. Exercise those thighs


  3. Music (best way to escape reality)

  4. Call your mother, ya grandma, you know normal shit

  5. Meditation. ‘Nam-myoho renge kyo’ Shit like that.

  6. A lil weed you know what I’m saying

  7. Go have protected sex

Put the phone down!

Take a break from that fantasy world. This is what you look like logging onto social media everyday 24 hours a day.


Validation will never come from social media, stop searching there. 


What’s real are those credit card bills, those bed bugs, that rent money, that donut on your car, that past due COMed bill, that spoiled milk in your fridge, that year old toothbrush that you’ve yet to change.

What’s real are those people who support you in real life, those people who check on you, those people who make it to your birthday parties.

Your physical health,your mental health, your self-esteem.

That’s whats real.

SO with everything being said,  go take a shower with a white towel, and show me how much of a celebrity you think you are.

tenor (1).gif

Humble yourself Clarence.



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