He's Just Not That Into You: 5 Steps to Handle this Type

Well, well, well, what do we have here?tenor (1).gif

Looks like another nigga abusing his good dick. A man with good dick don’t even gotta talk, the dick do the talking. Diamond another blog about dick?

Damn you niggas impatient.

Dick is simply an introduction to how females linger, cling, or clutch on to a nigga that’s JUST NOT THAT INTO THEM.  

How do I know he’s not into you, well I’ll tell ya………..

It’s been about a couple months, maybe even one year, maybe even two years and you’re still not his girlfriend! It must be the dick, because why sis?

Titles don’t even matter tho.

“TiT3s D0N’t 3v3N m@tTer tHo.

Can we cut the bullshit? Titles Absolutely matter.  How does he introduce you to his friends? What does he tell other females when they ask if he’s seeing anyone? You don’t have a title so unfortunately he’s NOT OBLIGATED to tell anyone about you.

You know who you are?


Wizard mother fuckin Kelly. That’s you.

Take a good look at yourself.


While you’re trying to please him, sucking ,fucking, cooking, cleaning (you know, girlfriend duties) this man is reaping all the benefits. He’s having his cake and eating it too. Because at the end of the day he doesn’t have to answer to YOU. 




Just for this man to say “You not my girl tho”





giphy (2)

You’re not his bitch even though yall been “talking” for months and the night before that you just washed his drawers and sucked his dick from the BYKE,


Oh dear, you’re a maid. Doing all of this and that just for this nigga to tell you some shit like this? And honestly he has every right to. You have no title after all, remember? (diamond I thought we were bashing niggas here) 

This BLOG is for women to speak up for themselves. If you just wanna fuck, do that shit! But if you want a relationship from this man, you have to say something or you gone be waiting…………

tenor (2).gif

Why are you scared to say something? You think he’ll cut you off completely right? Shid he  JUST might, but that means HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

A nigga that don’t wanna see anyone else have you would’ve cuffed you within 3-6 months off bat!

But this type of man is JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. 

This nigga saying “I’m private, ion want everybody in our business” But he quick to upload his guns and paraphernalia on Instagram. You looking real public to the FBI.

So what is the truth?


I know he telling you that “you different”, and all that rah rah shit. But what is he showing you ? What does he act like when you bring up the “g” word to him?

giphy (1).gif

It’s clearly not his type of party. And can we even blame niggas?  He’s not leading you on, you’re leading yourself on. I mean really? Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

I honestly hate that MEN are the ones who dictate a relationship title. Why can’t females be like “Aight so I think it’s time to make you my bitch now”


Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in, BUT you can take some of your power back and here’s how.


Step 1: Know your worth, this right here is my swag, I’m fucking with you. This right here is vital!! You have to know what you’re willing to accept.

Step 2: You have to say what you want from this man from the jump! Do you just wanna fuck? State exactly what your intentions are, a relationship? Let him know.

Step 3: If you are willing to “stay” with this  goof ball Jamal, DO THE BARE MINIMUM. At least you won’t be taken full advantage of. Do absolutely nothing, but fuck him. Keep other niggas around. Don’t spare yourself thin with no title. Because you don’t have to answer to him NEITHER, guess what? You’re not his bitch. Use that to your advantage.

Step 4: Maids get paid. List what’s benefiting you! If he’s giving out that money like they give out them government phones, then I mean…………you know the rest.

Step 5: LEAVE.

At this point, you’re in a sunken place. Beat it bitch, if y’all not on the same page with relationship titles and you KNOW you want more, LEAVE. You’re wasting your time trying to prove that you’re girlfriend material. He knew if you were within the first couple of months, shit the FIRST conversation.

You sticking around is NOT his fault. It’s just not, he has already showed you what it was.

The signs are always there ladies, you have to follow them! How long are you willing to be a maid? Nothing is worth your sanity, even if the dick is good. Stop selling yourself short, I promise you it’s niggas out there ready to SUCK your ass.


If he truly loved you, you would be his, his bitch, his ride or die, his rib, his wifey, his GIRL. Not an untitled  entity.

STOP doing wifey shit for a fuckboy. YOU’RE NOT HIS BITCH. 

You look stupid, and this coming from a bitch that once looked stupid. Hey sis.

NOT JUDGING you, but giving you the game. Boss up bitches, speak your mind.

And I hope niggas don’t think I’m on their side, you know better than that. Gentlemen be upfront with these bitches, tell them what it is. What do y’all want as men? Y’all don’t even know.

Let’s stop living in this fantasy world, where we think titles don’t matter! 

But low key a nigga gone do them regardless of a title!

Thank y’all for y’all time.



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