Who Gets more D*ck? Light Skinned or Dark Skinned Women?


Fuckers in Society telling me, always on Instagram “Dark- skinned bitches aint this, dark-skinned bitches aint that”

Shut the fuck up!

Yall niggas don’t know shit. Stop fuckin playin’ them like that, You know them bitches savages out there.

If I catch another mf talking sweet about dark-skinned bitches, I’m fucking beatin’ they ass.


Click Bait, this isn’t about Dick at all.

Welcome to the blog about  Colorism.

Say it with me COL-OR-ISM giphy (1)

It exists.

And not only in the African American culture, but with Indians, Latinos, Asians, even Middle Easterners. The shit is all over the place like Karlie Redd’s age. giphy (2).gif

“Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.”

Ok,  so the oppressed oppressing the oppressed?


Yeah that shit got my head spinning too.

It’s basically niggas not liking or preferring other niggas because they’re darker. 430dfb816c7b995e345486bd7ae811a7.gif

But its more geared at WOMENDark women get told they’re less attractive, unpleasant or not as charming as lighter women.

“You’re cute for a dark skinned girl”  Tf does that actually mean?

Almost sounds like “You’re not like those other Blacks, you’re _______________”-White People.

It’s completely oppressive.

Women have it super hard.

Bitches, can’t get a break. We have to cook, clean, fuck, get paid less, and on top of that receive hate because of our shade?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

We just came here to reproduce and count coin, that’s it.


But we gotta deal with this fuck shit, colorism.

Dark skinned women face scrutiny and distaste at a rate higher than fair skinned women. I’m trying to figure out why this is, if both of their pussies are pink on the inside?

But I digress, we know the long history of house niggas vs field niggas. Right?

If not, it’s when they assigned house duties to those with fairer skin and field work to those with darker skin outside baking in the sun.

This separation made your red bone great great great great great great grandma come with “privileges.”

The only time I wanna compare light to dark is when I’m choosing Patron or Hennessy. But here we are having this conversation in 2017.

Little do men know, they only think like this because they’ve been brainwashed, bamboozled, finessed, hoodwinked, duped!

giphy (1)8.gif


The same niggas yelling they like light skin over dark skin, get NO SKIN. You can’t be getting pussy with a mentality like that.

You say you like a long haired thick red bone? Which, there is nothing wrong with that. BUT once you start to belittle our dark skinned sistas is where you got the game fucked up.

giphy (4)
You know you done fucked up right?

You’ve adopted your oppressor’s mentality.

So it’s time to UNLEARN. Unlearn everything you’ve ever thought negative about dark skin! Unlearn the the overpopulated light skinned women in the music videos, unlearn the ignorant words of Kodak Wack, unlearn it all.

But Diamond,

Light Skinned Wimmens face colorism too!

giphy (5).gif

Light skinned girls like to bring up, ” I was picked on because I was so pretty” “Everybody always thought I was stuck up”

Please suck my ass.

Look at the differences of colorism that a dark skinned girl faces (you’re ugly) vs. a light skinned girl (you think you the shit huh)

Two different ball games, one extremely damaging to the dark girl and the other a confidence booster to the light girl. Now,

tenor (1).gif

The funny thing is most black women like their men like they like their coffee. BLACK, with no cream, no sugar.

They think light skinned niggas got a lil dick, they’re soft, they aren’t as attractive as the dark skinned men.

It’s the same colorism you see in women just reversed.

It’s all fucked up and personally giving me a headache.



Everyone needs to chill!


We are still BLACK to White America.


This mentality is infectious to you, your future children, the Black race. White people got us right where they want us with this type of thinking.

You wanna know how I know this colorism shit is fucking us up?

images (1).jpg
Unstable Creature

That’s how I know.

What I really need mfs to do is embrace your caramel skinned folk. They’re the real victims here, nobody gives a fuck about them, if we keeping it ONE THOU WOW.

Do Two Things for Me.

1.UNLEARN all of it!


2. Don’t act like Ugly Light Skinned Bitches don’t exist, PLEASE

The same niggas screaming they only like light skinned women, are the same niggas who have a fat dark skinned moma. Am I wrong here?

Go play with your moma, don’t play with me.


giphy (6).gif

Dark Skinned women out here getting the same amount of dick as light skinned women. And that’s just that.

Whatever color you are, embrace it. Tell these mfs to suck your ass too.

Still Nigga.

And remember If I catch another mf talking Sweet about dark skinned bitches………..




























I’m fuckin beatin they ass. 




6 thoughts on “Who Gets more D*ck? Light Skinned or Dark Skinned Women?

  1. Lol, funny. It would be more efffective if you didn’t call women bitches and use the n-word. What would make it even more credible is if you hadn’t felt the need to validate our existence based on what white people think as if they are the rulers of our lives. Are they your parents?? Lol


    1. Man dark-skinned mfs Ain’t all that and it ain’t a lightskinned person fault if a fucking dark-skinned ass bitch or nigga get called fucking ugly nigga or bitch or whatever tf you tf 😒


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