Does Size Matter? "7 Tips for Those Coming Up Short"

How big is your dick? 

giphy (4).gif

There’s no other way of asking, sorry. We all wanna know, I mean the ladies do. This blog is not to bash the little guys out there, but it’s to shed light on a sensitive subject.

Ok, have you ever seen a penis so small, I mean the size of  a shrimp, the size of a pencil eraser, the size of a clitoris? Issa Bitch! They like to slip out too. Did I mention how they ram you to make it feel like something?


But as women we like to protect the male ego, so what do you do when he whips that lil shit out?

What’s your initial reaction? 

tenor (1).gif
giphy (7).gif
PLEASE God Please
See this not what we finna do
tenor (2)
Damn God bogus as hell

“But the men can’t help it, they were born that way right?”


If you survey women about penis size, they would instantly say they want a big one! But do they even know what they’re agreeing to? To the thickness or the length?

When erect, the average length of a penis is about 5.6 inches while thickness is about 4.8 inches.

Where do you draw the line on little dicks? How small is too small?

In most cases if a woman reallllly and I mean really likes or loves a man, she WILL make that lil dick work. She’s willing to work with you if you make her feel some type of way. She won’t even bring up your penis size until y’all are OVER.

But in the meantime she loves tf out of you and that lil mf. So respect her at all costs.

Bow down bitch

Most of the time when men come up short, the female will take the position on top for her pleasure or try all types of positions out of love, and nigga you better be giving the best head in the world.. Make up for that lil fella. Don’t play with her.

Men with little one’s have a lot of making up to do. 

1.Stroke game must be impeccable, you can do it put your back into it (don’t stop get it get it)

2. Suck her toes, what do you have to lose really?

3. Head nigga head, as mentioned previously

4. Switch up the positions and pray she doesn’t notice.

5. Throw her some money, like an allowance (you’re the one with the little dick)

6. You damn near gotta cook and clean too


7Don’t talk, breathe less

Last but not least ACT like you have a little dick, humble yourself. Don’t send that shit to nobody, don’t even take pictures of it. Follow tips 1-7 for a successful life with a little dick.

But what about those with a little dick and still deciding to be a fuckboy? 

First off, Choose your struggle!

So why do men with little dicks like to have an opinion, or like to disrespect women, or cheat? Whats really going on? They are trying to compensate, TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR THAT SHRIMP ASS DICK. That’s something internal, a complex.  (we’ll save this conversation for later) 


Let’s have a moment of silence for all the lil dicks out there.

giphy (6)

Now, this “lil dick” conversation has been happening since the beginning of times.

But Diamond,

“It’s not the size of the boat, it’t the motion in the ocean”

We’ve all heard this saying, but how true is it?

Most women will tell you that a BIG dick is a MUST.

But I’m not most women, and I’m here to tell you some grown folks business.

A lot of men with big ones don’t even know how to work that load God blessed him with. It’s sad and unfortunate. Here you are, almost as privileged as white people and don’t even know how to rock yo hips, wave and sip.

Big dick and don’t even know how to use it.

giphy (5)

Some men that are well endowed are terrible at sex! Crazy right?  While some little dickies are out here blowing backs out.

You really are a clown if you got a big dick and don’t know how to use it. So we still have this lingering unanswered question,

Does Size Matter?

I mean yes and no. But you are definitely at an advantage if you’re packing heat. Do you have that hammer? What that dick do? WE WANNA KNOW.

At the end of the day its all about who made you cum, big dick willy or lil shrimp larry?

giphy (3).gif


Real Kings Suck Toes.



8 thoughts on “Does Size Matter? "7 Tips for Those Coming Up Short"

  1. I literally laughed til I cried. You know it’s wayyy funnier when u know a mfn shrimp. Lol gotta send this to a friend 😩😂😂😂😂😂😂


  2. I will like to speak for all the Larrys out there, when I say bih I will blow yo backout and let you fall in love with Mandingo cuz he ain’t gone lick stick and lick some more like us LBDAS. ” Make nem believes” my new movement l!!!


  3. Being a black man with a small dick is a real struggle nobody else understands. Even though reading stuff like this makes me cringe sometimes, I swear this article is on point. Us “Larrys” do whatever the hell we gotta do. I’m shocked the writer ain’t bring up toys (dildo)… I use them mfs too.


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