These Niggas Tryna Hold Me BACK

You have somethin on your shirt.





















It’s the haters. 



Now that we’re here let’s talk about, The Haters, niggas. And no, I’m not talking about the ones with dicks, that comes later. I’m talking about the Nigga population, the ones who “smell like outside”, the niggas that “ain’t boo boo the fool”,  the niggas who ask how a funeral was, the niggas who are never on time, and the niggas who has this comforter in their house.

This one

I’m talking about BLACK PEOPLE.


Yes, you niggas.

Black People have this Bad.

I can’t stand these type of African-Americans. They are the worst, man I’ll tell ya. The “they” DJ Khaled was talking about.

Okkkk Where are you going with “this”? 


Right my bad, ok black people…

I love yall.

I do really, but this “crabs in the barrel” mentality has to cease right here, right tf now.

Let’s get into why black people don’t wanna see other black people win, why is that?

Life is already hard for black people, let’s start there.

Quick history lesson: After slavery black people struggled inevitability, but some made a name for themselves. But those who “made it” also made it very CLEAR that they made it. Number one Stunna! Showing off money and pricey clothing, showed their status to white people, and the still very poor black people. 

This spills over to the “crabs in the barrel” mentality and the “hood rich” mentality as well. Having flashy items = Status. One would think.


But lets get back to it,

Black people are unlike any other race. The Asians, Mexicans, and Arabs all have money distribution, they split the profit with they mans. But what does the average black person do?

“If I can’t have it, neither can you”

Rico killed Mitch, why? Rico wanted all the power, money and the glory for himself.


We all hated Rico for this.


But every crabs in the barrel story doesn’t end in murder. It comes in the simplest form, support.

“They can’t stand the sight of you doing something they wanted to do.” “These people are not your friends nor supporters”  – 

They watching from the sideline hoping you fail.


Ya’ll ever seen crabs in a barrel? They are all trying to reach the top, but none of them do because they’re too busy grabbing at each other to ENSURE no one makes it before them.

Sounds like my African- American friends.


Black people become envious, and competitive when they see one person shining. They want to struggle on a community level, but they don’t wanna shine on a community level.

So the black community pulls that one little shining star back down to their level.

Remember Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?


He was the Black American Dream who was killed by another nigga. He didn’t make it out the hood.

You thought you was about to escape this poverty, think again nigga.

But you know, Diamond’s Dosage likes to look at every angle when discussing a topic. 

So what about the people who make it and never give back to the community? What about these niggas?

Nicki Minaj for instance, a glorified female rapper right? Why hasn’t she helped any upcoming female artists?

“I struggled to get here, you should struggle too”


Help is not the same as handouts. Get over yourself. This shit reminds me off someone asking:

“Hey Sis, your shirt is so cute where’d you get it from?”

“Girl I don’t even remember.”


The bitch is lying. She got the shit from Rainbow.  Something as simple as not sharing where you got your clothing, or shoes from relates back to the “crabs in a barrel” mentality.

Black people have this BAD! When one black person makes it, that’s it. That’s just that. While the rest of the niggas are still in the barrel, reaching.

giphy (5).gif

The black people that “make it” without going back in the barrel for the other niggas are just as bad as the blacks who pull each other down.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying give your money out like it’s community dick.  But I am saying

download (1).jpg

“This crabs in a barrel syndrome is too prevalent in the black community. Why can’t you let me win? How is me shining dimming your light in any way?

It really is enough money, spotlight, happiness, and peace, to spread evenly among us all. Stop hating. Support your friends and family. –


Make sure everything around you shine forever!

You know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where you’re going.

Help a nigga out damn.

By the way what type of humans ask how a funeral was?- Niggas




One thought on “These Niggas Tryna Hold Me BACK

  1. Ok, So I am white as fuck, but I grew up in Detroit….so I am still white as fuck, but I will say WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE HAPPY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING THEIRS!” I feel this way about women, If I see a chick with a six pack I’m like “DAMN! GET IT GET IT GOOD FOR YOU!” because that shit is hard to accomplish. and other girls will be like ” she doesn’t need to show off in a crop top” and i’m like “correct, she should be naked and we should be covering her in money and glitter and possibly puppies”


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