Two Can PLAY That Game!

No swerving bitch, stay in your lane.

Now ladies, we all know these niggas ain’t shit. (if this don’t apply, let it fly)

The games these men play, have been going on since God fucked Virgin Mary, planted a seed, and told her that it wasn’t his baby, but the Holy Spirit’s.


But that’s neither here nor there, this blog isn’t about bashing men for their trash ways, that comes later. This is about women knowing their place when dealing with a man.

Let’s be honest ladies, you know what type of man you’re dealing with after your first few encounters. If he’s a nice wholesome man, you know this, and if he’s not shit you know this as well.

So you have to make a choice…….


But you’re like me and down for the thrill of shit, so you take the FUCKBOY for 300 please.

giphy (1).gif

Catching feelings will happen, but it’s how you handle them. Women, please realize that you have all the power. Pussy Power. You are the prize.

Now that you’ve chosen a demon, let’s get into how to keep a cool booty, staying emotionless, and staying in your lane! You’ve made this choice, now deal with the consequences. 

Let’s fucking gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Keep a Cool Booty.

Rule Number one: Never over react. You know you not gone leave this man sissy, so why waste your breath hooting and hollering over some shit you already EXPECTED. You know how this man moves, nothing should surprise you at this point. So keep that lil booty cool.

You mad because he didn’t text you back? The next time he should hear from you is on his death bed. DON’T fucking blow up his phone wondering why he didn’t text you back, don’t text him for days, months, years its simple.

Always stay in character, they love to see you overreact and act crazy. ‘This lil crazy ass bitch”, men like to feel important. “Damn, she doing all this over me?” You just stroked his ego by giving him a reaction.

giphy (2)

His ego is stroked and he’s feeling greattttttt!!

While you over there shitty.

Is there another bitch in the picture?

I SAID is there another bitch in the picture?

Don’t act dumb, deaf, and blind, you know if it is. So never approach another woman or even him about another female if you’re choosing to stay. He’s not changing any time soon.   Don’t give him that much energy, here’s why…….you already know this man isn’t the one (you know it, women have intuition) but somehow you fell in love. It happens. So keeping a cool booty means just that, relax. Never give him the power to bring you out of character, stay calm and plot.

Stay Emotionless

Rule Number two: Control your emotions. Women are naturally emotional creatures, I get it. Never ever give a fuckboy all of you, they’ll have you vulnerable and right where they want you. Once you open up to him, he’s liable to use your weak spots against you, and knows all of your emotional triggers. I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t express yourself, all I’m saying is keep your emotions under wraps, have the upper hand on your OWN emotions.


Don’t do it bloobath, hold back those tears bloodbath

You control your emotions, no one else.

This is where other men come into play. I DO NOT CONDONE CHEATING. But let me remind you of who you’re dealing with………..a fuckboy. Ok? He has hoes, you better get you some too. Everything is tic for tac when dealing with this type of man. This is just real shit.

You are saving yourself a lot of energy, time, and heartbreak by doing this. He playing you, play his ass right tf back. This is another way to keep your emotions all together, I’m not saying to go and fuck other niggas, just keep them around in your corner, ya know.

Use the other men as a stress relief and comfort, because you know you’re not going to leave your “man.” Control the situation as much as possible.




Stay in Your Lane

Rule Number three: You bet not swerve bitch. Men know who they’re dealing with as well, they aren’t as dumb as we’d like them to be. These mfs have already placed you in your spot….

The issue with females is this: you still don’t know if you’re first place, second place, or third.

You trying to catch up. But you already lost.


See look Sweetie……..once you know your place, this nigga better watch out. He can’t fuck with you if you know where you stand, nothing he does will bother you. If you’re in any place but first place, ACT LIKE IT!

Once again, Diamond’s Dosage does not condone cheating but, if you’re the side bitch, act like it girl. Use your spot to your advantage, you know you’ll never be first place (some women do make it, gotta give those bitches credit) So knowing your spot, I say this, reap the benefits! Get his money, or use him for sex, you know he likes you a lil bit, but he loves his main so compensate with his cash and dick.

Get something from him! Take your place and use it! You get all of the benefits and none of the bullshit! Don’t underestimate your position, just know it. Your mind is at ease when you know your place. Side bitches shouldn’t talk too much neither, be quiet you’re the side, coleslaw.

So you saying to stay with a fuckboy? Are you saying don’t give him any emotions? You telling me to really not to react? Stay in my place? Bitch you mad dumb!

No, all this blog is telling you not is not to give 100% when a mf giving you 50%. Duh! It’s saying choose your battles wisely, protect yourself and your heart. Finesse or be finessed.


No this is ain’t no “think like a man” bullshit. This is a woman knowing her place, knowing how to control herself, and a woman rejecting heartbreak. Knowing that she’s dealing with an ain’t shit nigga and how to keep her sanity. You could just leave his ass, but we all know how that goes.

Once women realize that men are just desserts and they come and go, hearts will be saved, sleep will be slept, windows won’t be bussed, clothes wont be bleached, bitches won’t be in urgent care, and minds will be at peace.


Boss up ladies, get your feelings under control. Be dominant.

tenor (3).gif

Two more things before you go do the exact opposite of the blog.

1. Nobody fuckin likes coleslaw. 

2. And look at Mary convincing her husband that God impregnated her 

Written by a Bitch that ain’t for the bullshit. ❤️

Check out “Cheat in Peace” for more tips and advice!


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