Which Future Album are you? Zodiac Edition

“Who you attracting with that line, what’s your name, whats your sign?” That’s the first question Zodiac lovers ask when they meet anyone. In the world I live in Zodiac signs can reveal a lot about who you’re dealing with, rather it’s a friend or lover.


Our signs are not bullshit, it’s based on evidence and research which is Astrology, the stars and the moon which brings us to FUTURE! Future the Astronaut kid,  Future is one of the most consistent and dependable artists we can count on in this day and age. “Notice Me”, Future’s first mix-tape put him on the map, but only the map in Atlanta. His music career took a turn when Streetz Callin and Astronaut Status were released in 2011 and 2012.

Now he’s fucking Scottie Pippen’s wife and wearing Pablo pants and thong sandals with socks. (Something only a real nigga can do, don’t try this at home)

Life comes at you fast. How does his music make you feel? And what in the child support fuck does it have to do with your Zodiac Sign? Nothing, honestly I just love Astrology and real niggas. Now let’s move onto things that’s more important.

Before we find out which Future Album or mix-tape fits you perfectly lets brief the sun signs:

Masculine Signs

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius

Feminine Signs

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.


Pissy Pisces

If you listened to “56 Nights” as much as I did, then we both know why Pisces is the perfect match!  Pisces have the same effect that”56 Nights” has, they leave you wondering, imagining! Pisces are peace-loving, intuitive, compassionate, and creative just like 56 Nights.

The making of this mix tape stemmed from Future’s sadness about his music being captive, which explains the passion behind the songs. But Pisces can also self-pity, be timid, negative and become over sensitive , like Future did in the song 56 nights, reminiscing over Esco being locked up. Y’all emotional as fuck, suck that shit up. Nobody cares.

Deepest need; Liberation


Vengeful Virgos

Honest was an album that didn’t live up to it’s full potential. Virgos are cautious, honest, thoughtful. and domestic. Virgos like to pay attention to the smallest details, they  are the least judgmental sign of the bunch and tend to be perfectionists.  The Honest album tapped into Future’s vulnerability, and ability to be one with all of his emotions like Virgos.

But these mfs are very irritable, calculative, and short tempered. If you listened to Honest you know the album goes from love songs to Sh!t real quick, just like our Virgos.

Deepest need : To be useful and productive


Lunatic Leos

DS2 brought us nothing but hits! This is where Future gained his white fans, this album represents loyalty just like Leos. Leos are generous, inspirational, fearless, and optimistic, Leos are always trying to win and find the positive in each situation. They never give up and are full of energy. Future was loyal to us by releasing this masterpiece of an album.

But these mfs have a tendency to be arrogant, blunt, and dominating. The arrogance behind Leo’s perpetuates the song “Blow a Bag”. Calm tf down please. They are big dreamers, vain, and sees things their way most or all of the time.

Deepest need : Elation, need to shine and rule


Grouchy Geminis

The Kanyes and Donald Trumps. Geminis are Two Faced. Geminis are easily matched with ‘What a Time to Be Alive”. Two different People. They are expressive, intelligent, responsive, and courageous. Geminis seem to be bold, and unpredictable like this collaboration album! No one saw this coming.

But these mfs are tricky, they lack obedience and are impulsive beings. Something like the devil. No One likes these guys, they are never in a good mood. Unstable Creatures.

Deepest need : Communication


Crabby Cancers

Emotional creatures. Cancers are just like HNDRXX, soft, sensual, patient, kind, and versatile. They are very tenacious like Future in this album, he discusses his past dealings with women and is comes off as CLINGY , stating “even if I hit you once you’re apart of my collection’.

Cancers are liars!!! They lie so much, that they leave a bad taste in your mouth. They are prideful and resentful just like the HNDRXX album, he stated that Ciara turned on him after he one two stepped over her heart more than once.  Cancers are MOODY!

Deepest need : A Harmonious Home and Family Life


Angry Aries

Beasts. Literally. Aries are courageous, inspirational, and have leadership skills that none of the other signs possess. They are dynamic, outgoing and ambitious, reminds me a lot of Beast Mode. But these mfs are impulsive, angry, reckless, and hasty. They don’t like to be tried on any level, just like Beast Mode.

Aries rarely show remorse, please stay on their good side because they love that action. They are reckless, they barely care about themselves, you think they gone care about you?

Deepest need: Action


Acquired Aquarius

Aquarians are an acquired taste. They’re Weirdos. EVOL was nothing like any of the Future albums, it was a strange production, flow, and visual. Aquarians are inventive, progressive, and philosophical people which meshes well with EVOL. This album was progressive to Future’s career but it was unpredictable just like an Aquarius.

These mfs are inconsistent, detached, and aloof, This album was not welcoming, it was cold, weird, and extreme.  No One expected this to drop especially after receiving DS2, Aquarians are one of a kind, but they can become very detached, don’t fuck with an Aquarius because they are unemotional and cold once crossed.

Deepest need: To experiment


Loose Libras

Just when we thought Future was gone stop making mix-tapes, he dropped Purple Reign. Libras are just like Purple Reign they are thoughtful, persuasive, and balanced. They have a tendency to very generous, Future didn’t have to give us this, be grateful. But Libras are also indecisive, extremist, and vain.

They think they’re always the topic of discussion like “Hater Shit” on the mix-tape, they believe that the world revolves around them. When they’re honestly not that important, Kim K and Amber Rose. You don’t have any haters, calm down,

Deepest need : Social Harmony


Terrible Taurus 

Pluto, Future’s first Studio Album! Taurians seem to be persistent, self- reliant, and stable individuals.This album is the raw and unedited Future, it’s his hard work finally paying off. Taurians know what they want and how to get it, but this first album is also reminiscent of the Taurus zodiac because it’s STUBBORN!

Future did not want to change his style of music to mesh with mainstream music. The album is dogmatic, meaning it’s “my way or the high way.” Taurians seem to be self-centered and unmoved! Watch out for these Creatures, like Chris Brown.

Deepest need: Comfort and Wealth


 Careless Capricorns 

Future was epic for dropping two number one albums within a week of each other, something a Capricorn would do! Capricorns are one of the most ambitious and determined signs! “If there’s a will, there’s a way” for Capricorns. They are wise, just like ‘Future”, this album is the epitome of Future learning his way around the studio, and giving the people what they want to hear, it’s practical like Capricorns.

But Capricorns can be very selfish, jealous and authoritative 😦 This album has no features, and  has an undertone of pessimism. Capricorns love to CAP nonetheless and give out the negatives in a situation, like “child support getting heavy, it’s hard no to get offended” COMPLAINERS.

Deepest need : To manage, take charge and administrate 


Suspicious Scorpios

Just when the world almost gave up on Future, he released MONSTER! This epic mix tape was another turning point in his career, it brought us ‘Fuck up Some Commas’, ‘My Savages’ and ‘Codeine Crazy’. This mix-tape embodies a Scorpio, Scorpios are devoted, patient, passionate, and ambitious.

But these mfs are also evil!!!! They are extremely manipulative, possessive, and ruthless. “Throw Away” where Future talkS about his Ex Ciara, has an undertone of sarcasm, possessiveness, and emotional detachment. Be careful with Scorpios, you don’t want to cross the line with them because you’ll stay there forever. Future is a fellow Scorpio himself.

Deepest Need: Transformation


Spontaneous Sags

 Saved the best for last! These guys are sincere, truthful, fair, generous, independent, energetic, and intelligent! That’s a bitch like me. Sagitarii are known for their outgoing and spontaneous nature, they are the breath of fresh air that you need each time.

 “Streetz Calling” represents Sags unlike any other album, this mix tape incorporated Future’s risky behavior, “drunk a gallon of lean” “smoked a box of blunts for breakfast” “Gone to the Moon”, these lyrics and songs all remind me of Sags careless behaviors.

Sags are brash, they speak out of pocket and unknowingly hurt feelings. They have a tendency to be inconsistent, unpredictable, aggressive, and blunt.

You cross a Sagittarius, you cross me.

Haven’t met one I didn’t like.

 Deepest need – Mental expansion

Your sign, is your sign. You’re stuck with it forever. Study your sign and reveal yourself. If you don’t believe in Zodiac Signs, fuck you.


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