"Like It's the Last Supper"

I’m sure ya’ll expected to see a picture of those white disciples surrounded around that White Jesus that we’ve been brainwashed with our entire lives. WRONG BLOG. Now when I say “Like it’s the Last Supper” I mean eating pussy like its your last meal, like your life depended on it.

But some niggas don’t know how, and that’s just that. You know how many women complain to me about terrible head? Head was so bad they didn’t want the dick anymore.

Head so bad that they were texting the group chat the whole time. Head so bad she almost threw up on you while you were down there moaning and growling. Niggas need to step they cookies up before  they crumble, which brings you here for some tips, advice, and entertainment.


Have you ever been licked like a cat licks their milk?

This Nigga Worried.

Has a nigga ever BIT your clit? Thinking it was the thing to do.

That Nigga Nervous.

Or was he everywhere but the clit?

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That Nigga Dangerous.

This is all truly frustrating to women. 💆🏾


We began to question everything, “Who is this lame ass nigga?” “Why am I the one embarrassed?” “I should really rob him and go.” “Are those Red Bottoms really worth it?” “Did I take that chicken out the freezer” “I’m tired of fake moaning” “Make it stop”

Look at yourself men. Look at the embarrassment you’re causing,


This Causes Leisure Time

When terrible head is happening this is basically leisure time for women. She has time to plan out that next outfit for Vlive, she has time to think of the next nigga she gone let hit, she has time plan her next grocery list, she has time to block you. She has time to find a man who knows how to eat pussy. Grow up. You 27.


The Fun Part:

  1. Eating pussy is apart of foreplay. We all know this. We all Grown. (please don’t read my blogs if you aren’t 18 at least, I am not a role model) So with foreplay you have to warm your bitch up, like you warming your car up in the winter. Get her started, glaze her. IMG_0335
  2. Caress her, suck on her titties, YES. No biting please. Pay attention to the nipples, they’re as sensitive as the tip of the penis. Touch and eat at the same damn time.  Touch and caress her nipples in circular motions, change up the motions nigga damn. IMG_0331
  3. Make Noise, it’s exciting and exhilarating. Women want to know you’re passionate about this, that you’re aiming to please. IMG_0332
  4. Put your fingers in her. Put your fingers in the Bitch. Two in the pink……one in the stink.  It’s similar to penetration so this will make her even more ready for the dick. IMG_0338
  5. You gotta lick her ass g. You have to. It’s a birthright. Sorry if you don’t eat ass but you came to the wrong blog. Grow up. You   27. IMG_0328
  6. Put your tongue inside the vagina and spread it wide, another replica of penetration. IMG_0336
  7. Do as your told. If she tells you she doesn’t like something guess what, she doesn’t like it. Listen to her. (Something y’all rarely do) IMG_0339
  8. Work the middle work the middle, Change positions, change positions. New positions, New positions.  IMG_0337
  9. Now, take your time, its more pleasurable  if the touches and licks are slow. Look up occasionally, we admire this. You top 10 if you can capture this.  IMG_0334.JPG
  10. Go crazy, Be yourself.


After these 10 steps she MIGHT even let you fuck.

Be a man of your word, if you tell her you gone eat her into oblivion. Eat the bitch until she dizzy and blind. Show her who you are. Leave her with an orgasm. You 27.

You do these steps she’ll be at your job


download (4)





BUT ☝🏾

If all else fails just mouth out the letters of the Alphabet with your tongue on her vagina. Sing with me ABCDEFG….

Women are sick of the weak head. Sick of fake moaning to please the male ego. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So women do not be afraid to speak up for your pleasure. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You’re the prize. IMG_0341.GIF

To all my carpet munchers out there, take your time, toss her salad, touch her titties.

Let’s end this with a pussy prayer:

“Like It’s the Last Supper”

“You better lose yourself in the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”

Bless Up.

Jesus was NOT white.


*Some tips from @___thelee on Instagram






3 thoughts on “"Like It's the Last Supper"

  1. Bitvhbyou need to start a church lmfao haha cus you Motherfucking preaching I’ve had the worse head from a nigga where everything wa sweet but the pussy 😒


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