“Cheat in Peace”


Everyone Plays the Fool One Time. We all know what it feels like to get cheated on by your partner or even someone that you deemed as yours. You can literally feel the feeling in your chest, you probably thought the world was gonna end with your first heartbreak. But look at you, you’re thriving, alive and well might I add. What’s your first heartbreak up to? Somewhere still cooling until his mixtape drops or somewhere stealing PINK panties, stuffing them in a 7 cent plastic bag? They’re losing. But fuck em!

Let’s get down to why men and women cheat,  what are you going to do if you get cheated on, and most importantly what in the unfaithful fuck is considered cheating? 

•You come to your partner to question if they’ve been cheating and they start doing this:IMG_9881

-Just get in your Altima and leave sis. 

What was your first reaction to getting cheated on?


Did you pack up your baby, grab your purse and go?



Did you flatten his tires? (just 3 tires, because if you do 4 his insurance unfortunately pays for it) 



Did you fuck their friend as a means of payback? We even Bitch. (You a boldddd motherfucka by the way)



Or was you Ray Charles to the bullshit? Shit never happened, still in love. They know where home is.


When you first realized you got cheated on, you instantly blamed yourself.

Looking at yourself in the mirror:










Looking real fucking shitty!

Asking yourself what you could’ve done to prevent this!

-Was I too fat?


-Or is my dick not big enough?


You know all types of shit going through your head. Did he not like the neck I was giving him? Does he really care about her?

Man, did he smash her from the back? And did she top him? 😞 (niggas favorite questions after getting cheated on)

But in reality cheaters just gone cheat! It’s not you, it’s them. 

But what are the main differences as to why women cheat and why men cheat?

Women cheat for one main reason:

1. No affection/No attention, a void. Women absolutely need reassurance.  (hug your Bitch, post your bitch, rub the bitch feet, tell your homies about shorty) Bitches love being talked about!

Men cheat for these main reasons:

1. Sex (self explanatory, niggas like bussing nuts) Convenient nuts at that, whatever is hot -n- ready.

2.  Boredom( bitches need to step they cookies up before they crumble) The last thing your nigga should be is bored! Convince him that you’re all he needs. IMG_9882.GIF

3. Any type of disturbance in the relationship, any little thing. (her male coworker said her hair looks nice) (her period lasted one day longer than usual) Chances are this nigga getting ready to cheat. IMG_9746.JPG

4. Emotionally dissatisfied (Rather we wanna believe it or not, men actually have feelings)



  • Can we briefly discuss that silly bitch Tammy Rivera and that Real bitch Gabrielle Union?

Now both of these bitches got cheated on, so what’s the difference? Ms. Bring It On, allowed her man to cheat in peace, didn’t fuss or fight about the “break baby”. She kept a cool booty, played her part. Meanwhile Tammy all on Love and Flip Flop SCREAMING that Waka’s been out cheating, and she’s not taking him back. And she did. She brought up the cheating to Waka and what he do?

Looked at her like: ok.gif

Waka’s down ass girl let the whole world know the stages of her relationship, play by play. She went out her way to make it known that she questioned this young man about  his personal business. Not allowing him to cheat in peace. Respect his privacy Bitch. Now yes, cheating is wrong, but if you not gone bust a grape in a fruit fight why even mention their cheating ways. 🗣If you’re not gonna do numbers 1-3 and completely move on, do not question your partner about cheating! Because you staying makes it ok, you allowed it now lay in the bed you made. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

5 Do’s &Don’ts

Do: 1. Recognize the signs ⚠️(When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. – Maya Angelou)

Do: 2. Realize your worth (know who you are, you are that nigga, you are that bitch)

Don’t: 3. Don’t allow the cheating, then constantly bring it up or become paranoid. Do not dwell on the cheating. You allowed it. Nagging about the past instantly turns you into a bug, a little mosquito, annoying as fuck. Now he/she wanna cheat again.

Don’t: 4. Do not come to a woman as a woman! Do fucking not! I will call the police on you. (You take him Wednesday, Thursday, then just send him her way – SZA)

Don’t: 5. Do not develop trust issues for your future partners. Don’t be bitter, be better! Real niggas don’t break, they boss up. Real bitches don’t break, they boss up.

Are we taking notes? 


After all the gifs and memes used, you want to know what exactly is considered cheating right? 

It could be as simple as you answering your iPhone with your left hand now instead of your right? What bitch got you moving different? Where’s the bitch?

search party

  • Cheating is anything that you are hiding from your partner, no it is not just sex with another person! An emotional connection, an intimate message thread (lock y’all phones wtf), or even someone else calling you a pet name (baby, bae). Cheating is simply anything that you are not willing to openly discuss with your partner in regards to a third party being in the picture. If you do get cheated on, take it all in, be in your feelings for a month or two then level up! Realize that there’s a blessing in every lesson, take something away from the situation.

In all seriousness, cheating should not be condoned and if you do condone it, take the right precautions. Save a life, don’t cheat.

So what do I want you to take away from this specific blog?

                                         -Niggas AIN’T SHIT




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